All About Makeup Sponges & Sponge Care 101

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I apologize for yet another long absence. Life and my illnesses have not been kind to me recently, and I couldn’t make myself focus on creating quality content. I am, however, excited for today’s post, because I really hope it will help some of you choose the right makeup sponge for you.

Since I started this blog, I wanted to do some comparisons for you on which beauty blender to choose. Thus, my longest running, and most diverse project on this blog has been my research into how these various sponges work. Everyone always raves about the original Beauty Blender, and I wanted to see for myself whether or not that one really is the best. Since last year, I’ve been slowly collecting, using, cleaning, and beating up these various sponges and I think I’ve not only found my favorite, but I can now tell you all about each one.

Ecotools Perfecting Blender

ecotoolsThis is one of the most recent launches I’ve gotten my hands on. This sponge was favorably reviewed by a few of the beauty gurus I enjoy on YouTube, and this brand has some of my favorite brushes; so I knew I had to try it myself. It’s very soft and easy to use, but because of its shape it gives you a lot of precision and control on the areas of the face where you need it. Since it is soft rather than firm, you won’t feel like you’re literally beating your face with this. It grows slightly when moist. The flat sides are perfect for pressing powder onto the face, cutting that super sharp contour line on the cheeks, and it’s very easy to wash. I really like how this one is made from recycled plant material. The only downside to this sponge is its fragility. I’ve owned a few of these sponges for over a year, and have washed them repeatedly during that time. None have worn or torn like this one has. I may be really rough on sponges, but this one is the only one that has torn on me within only five washes.

This sponge can be found on their site for $9.99, and most drugstores where Ecotools is sold.

The Original Beauty Blender

doriginalpinkSince their original sponge, they have come out with several varieties, but I tested out The Original Beauty Blender. This is a tie for my favorite sponge. Its soft like the Ecotools sponge, but just a bit firmer – which may be why I have not experience tearing with this one. It also grows when wet, and applies cream products flawlessly. Its easy to clean, dries quickly, and stands up to abuse well.

This, however, is the most expensive sponge on my list. While there are many imitations and dupes out there, the actual Beauty Blender costs $20.

Wish generic sponge

imagesWish is one of those shopping apps that has extremely inexpensive items you can order directly from China. Since these sponges only cost $2 (including shipping), I figured I had to try them. I ordered both a blue and a pink, and they are the same. They’re the firmest sponges I’ve tried, which I did not see as a downside, as they still performed well. I know, however, that firmness is one of the things people differ on in preference. They are easy to clean, but take a little longer to dry than the other sponges. They need to have complete ventilation in order to dry quickly to prevent hazardous microbes from growing within the sponge (see the Care section towards the end of the post for more information).

Swissco Precision Sphere Blending Sponge

6241_pink_7ba0f2a1-aed3-4aba-8ca8-70aefbb1ffd7_largeThis was the first makeup sponge I tried, so at the time the odd shape didn’t bother me. Now I prefer a sponge that has a rounder shape to it. This sponge lasted me about 6 months before it tore, and stopped bouncing back to shape after washing.

While Swissco has their own site, and has this sponge listed for $8, I found my sponge at TJ Maxx for only $3.

Profusion Sponge – I tested this sponge out as well. It resembles the pink Beauty Blender, but came in a kit which they sent me as part of their Profusion Insider program. Neither the program, nor the product exists anymore, as they’ve recently made some major changes to their company. The kit and the sponge weren’t so great anyway, so you’re not missing out on this one. Their new tool kits, however, include a sponge that I’d like to try, as the quality of their products appears to have improved since the changes while remaining incredibly affordable.

Revive Beauty The Ultimate Makeup Sponge

images (1)I was attracted to this sponge because it is medium-sized – smaller than other sponges, but not as small as the mini sponges. This has the exact same texture as the Real Techniques one (mentioned later in the post) but is smaller, and teardrop shaped. It is easy to clean, dries quickly, and is the perfect firmness. I purchased this at TJ Maxx for $2, but was unable to locate them online.

Ulta Mini Super Blender 3 pack

download (1)These made it out of the package, and straight back to the store. They had a foul odor that no other sponge I’ve purchased has ever had. Their texture seemed nice, but because of the way the smelled I didn’t want them near my face. I returned them the same day.

Swisspers Blending Mini Sponge 2 pack

download (2)I tend to like Swisspers disposable applicators for client work, because they’re affordable, high-quality products, so I figured I’d like these. They’re on the denser side, but not as dense as the Wish sponges. Because of their tiny size, they’re perfect for more precise work on the face. With the chronic joint inflammation in my hands, however, I tend to use them very rarely as they are harder to hold than the larger sponges.

Again, I was unable to find these online, but I did purchase these at Walmart for less than $4.

Mystery Sponge?

download (3)While I genuinely try to stay organized when testing out products for you, I do make mistakes. I own a red spade-shaped sponge that looks exactly like the Morphe sponge (which I have not been able to try yet), that I really like, but I have lost its information. I remember purchasing it from TJ Maxx, and it having black packaging, but that’s all I know about it. Sorry!

Cherry Chree Blending Swirl

download (4)These were part of a new display at my local Walgreens, and I thought another sponge to test couldn’t hurt so I picked up one for both my sister and myself. This sponge grows the most by far when wet, and I loved how chubby and bouncy it got. I do find that this sponge stays misshapen and dirty when I wash it, which I personally do not like.

Cherry Chree appears to be sold at places like Walmart and Walgreens, but I was unable to locate a site for the brand. I believe I paid $3 a sponge.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

download (5)I left my favorite sponge for last. I love how this sponge has a flat side, a nice round surface, and a point. It satisfies my need for coverage during application as well as precision. It’s the perfect firmness and bounciness, and grows a little when wet. It’s super easy to clean, but doesn’t fall apart either.

You can purchase this one for only $6 on their site, or in drugstores where Real Techniques is sold.

Care & Additional Info

If sponges are properly cleaned, I personally don’t see any problem with keeping them until they wear out. I have not experienced rash or blemishes of any kind using my beauty blenders, and I use them only on myself. However, many articles I’ve read suggest they be replaced every 3-6 months. It’s really your decision based on your skin type and the use of your sponge.

If you haven’t read my most popular post on Pink Poison, you need to do that. I use their solution to clean all of my brushes and sponges, and rinse with hot water. My brushes and sponges look like new each time. There are soaps available from drugstores and more, but I’ve never tried one I can recommend.

20170809_230711.jpgAs I mentioned earlier, it’s essential that your sponges don’t stay wet too long by ensuring they have proper ventilation. Certain sponges like the Ecotools sponge come with their own stands that aid quick drying. Since I only have one stand and several sponges, I use the bags that Tracy packaged her products in from The Spoonique Boutique. They’re mesh, and allow me to put several in at once while still maintaining good ventilation. Other good methods for quick drying include placing them in a dish drainer, or in a pencil holder with holes in the walls.

Don’t be fooled by items that are “infused” with anything, or that contain charcoal. While you may experience the benefits of such products within the first use, you should be washing your sponges each time you use them. In my opinion, since, they are washed, any benefits from “infusion” will likely be washed away along with your makeup.

I really hope this post has helped you choose or eliminate some sponge choices! As I try other brands I’ll be sure to share them with you!

As always, much love,



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