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Hello everyone! It has been quite a long time, and I apologize. I intend to pick back up where I left off, and I’ll try not to stay away so long again :).

I’ve been waiting two whole months to officially tell you all about this brand. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me talking about a few products, but I wanted to give you better details. I will be referencing other products in this post, which you can click on and you will be directed to more details elsewhere on my blog.


I joined the jKo cosmetics PR team in April, just before they launched on the 21st. I was so excited to try something from the shop, so I ordered the face serum. The order confirmation came through my email immediately, and it shipped on the 24th. I received my order, packed securely just 3 days later on the 27th. Since this is the product I ordered first, I’ve had plenty of time to watch the way it performed.

Face Serum

The first thing I noticed about the face serum was the citrus-fruity scent. I could smell it through the packaging, and was worried it had leaked in shipping. But it had arrived in perfect condition. Since late April I’ve been using this serum for everything. I apply it at night after washing my face, and again in the morning if I wash my face and it’s feeling dry. It has replaced my retinol serum, under eye cream, my night cream, my rescue moisturizer, and my lighter moisturizers that I usually apply before makeup. In other words, all I do is wash my face and apply the serum. My skin has been plump, hydrated, smooth, and blemish/blackhead free. With my other moisturizers I usually end up with some blackheads around my nose and mouth that require extra extra care and exfoliation throughout the week, but this serum has kept my skin clear. My under eyes are smooth and hydrated, which I used to need an eye cream to improve their appearance. I had a vein on my upper right cheek that had appeared out of nowhere recently, and I wondered if the serum would help with that. The vein is no longer visible under my skin. I have also noticed that this formula is good at controlling oiliness around my t-zone.

Since I was liking it so much for everything else, I thought I may as well try it on other areas of my body where I had skin concerns. In this post, I discuss a tonic from Shea Moisture that I had been applying to my scalp to treat my discoid lesions from illness, and my dandruff. This remained effective as long as I remembered to apply the product throughout the week – which I stopped remembering to do. Of course, the lesions and the dandruff came back. Now I use the serum once a week, don’t have to worry about repeated applications, and am again lesion and dandruff free!

One more interesting place I have been using the serum is between my thighs, and in my bikini area. As I know some of you may as well, I have thighs that rub together and often chafe in the heat. I’ve been applying the serum there and it has taken away that redness and discomfort. I also used it to soothe razor bumps in my bikini area!

The face serum is available at only $6.50 for 1 oz. I’ve used about half an ounce in two months, so this product really goes a long way. Since it’s much less expensive than a lot of other small business’ serums out there, this is a good place to start if you’re looking to improve some skin concerns.

Body Oils

The next product I purchased was a body oil, and I now own a few. All oils are made with jojoba, sweet almond, grape seed, and vitamin E oils, fragrance, mica, and phenoxyethanol SA (a preservative). They’re incredibly moisturizing, smell amazing, and have shimmer in them. Finally, they all work great for all skin tones! They are $8 for 2 oz, or $10.50 for 4 oz.

Cocoa Kisses – Just as the name suggests, Cocoa Kisses will leave you smelling like a candy bar. Lighter skin tones will benefit from the subtle bronzing effect of this deep brown oil.

1st Place – The owner’s personal favorite. I’m excited to try out this beautiful bronze oil with a brown sugar scent.

Glamorous – This purely golden oil was the first one I added to my collection, and it’s my personal favorite. You’ll be golden goddess status wearing this oatmeal and honey fragrance.

Lemonade – I can’t wait to try this oil. It will be the ultimate summer citrus scent.

State Fair – I don’t see this one listed on the site at the moment, but I’m in love with this pink, cotton candy scented oil.

Sensual – Smelling of fresh cut roses, I expect this red is the most romantic of the choices. I can’t wait to try it.

Body Butters

All body butters contain shea, sweet almond, and coconut oils, fragrance oils, and the same preservative used in the body oils. It’s a light formula that leaves my skin looking shimmery and feeling soft. I have a lot of problems with keeping my feet moisturized, especially during the summer months, and this body butter has been perfect for caring for them. Each oil can be purchase separately in 2 oz jars for $5, or 4 oz jars for $8.50. They can also be purchased in bundles – 2 oz jars for $12, or 4 oz jars for $21.

French Vanilla Bean & Brown Sugar – this warmly scented body butter is the only one I’ve gotten to try, but I am in love with the fragrance.

Peaches & Cream – this one is the owners favorite!

Strawberries & Cream – another one I’m excited to try

Lip Gloss

Fragrant, smooth, and highly pigmented, these glosses immediately won my heart. I’ve been slow to embrace the return of lip glosses because of the hassle of re-applying throughout the day, and the stickiness. I’m also frequently repulsed by the taste of lip products, but these have no taste or aftertaste. These glosses are very moisturizing and not at all sticky. They also last longer than a lot of other glosses I’ve tried. Each has a unique fragrance, and I’ve gotten to test out a few of them.


Mocha and Dorothy are incredibly pigmented, so you’re getting lip color and gloss in one. 8 ml tubes are $8 on the site. Lip Gloss bundles will be coming very soon!

About jKo Cosmetics

jKo Cosmetics is two months old, and is owned by Kiera and her mother Patrice. Kiera has very sensitive skin, so she always had trouble with the chemicals in other products. Like so many, her solution was to go all-natural with her skincare products. She spent over a thousand dollars, buying and testing different ingredients to perfect her formulas, and once she got it right, she noticed a huge improvement in her skin. She couldn’t keep it to herself, but rather hopes her formulas will improve your skin too. She keeps her prices so low because her goal is for everyone to be able to afford good, natural skincare. Despite the expensive and difficult process of perfecting formulas Kiera says “…seeing how my products affect people today makes me see that all those nights staying up concocting recipes, and having them go bad was worth it”. She has really big plans for jKo Cosmetics, and has been kind enough to share that she expects to expand her product line to include soaps, body washes, lotions, lipsticks, highlighters, eyeshadow, and so much more. The PR team has been privileged enough to get a sneak peak, and even test out a few of these items, and I’m beyond impressed.

What you need to know

So, there’s big things coming to jKo, and there are some things you can do to not only stay in the loop, but get a better chance of getting what you want when it gets restocked! The first thing you need to do is sign up for jKo’s emails. Visit the site, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your email address, and you’ll get exclusive emails and news. The next important source of information is jKo’s twitter account, where Kiera posts restock information, flash sales, special coupons, giveaways, and product sneak peeks. Next, be sure to follow jKo’s Instagram account, where you can see the product images and looks from all of jKo’s Gems.

Don’t forget, the next restock date is scheduled for Monday June 26! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss it. Be sure to use my code CHRS10 for a discount on your order! You don’t want to miss this, because the face serum’s name will be revealed for the first time.

Just to clarify to a few of my readers who are not familiar with PR teams: I receive a special code that provides a 10% discount to anyone that uses it. While I do not receive a commission of those sales, I receive product for reaching certain milestones (how many people use my code). I also receive free product to test and review, sometimes before they’re available for sale.

I hope you get a chance to try some of these products. Please let me know if you do! I always love to hear back from readers that try the same products as me. Stay tuned to my social media accounts to see when my next blog post is up.

As always, much love


All opinions and statements in this post are my own, unless explicitly stated. I was not paid to express my opinions.

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