My Spring 2017 Nail Color Choices

Hello everyone, and welcome! I was recently going through my nail polish collection and getting rid of the brands that test on animals, and throwing out old items. I discovered that most of my collection was already cruelty free, and very appropriate for Spring. I polled you on Twitter asking if you’d like a Spring polish guide, and there was some interest, so I’m giving that to you today!

I was really frustrated to find that a lot of the shades I own aren’t available anymore, but I hope you find the colors helpful, at least. These are the polishes I will be wearing this Spring!

Gold 20170420_125751

One of my favorite year-round finishes for polish are the metals, and I always have a good gold polish on hand. They elongate the fingers, and flatter every skin type.

KL Polish: Das Espensive – This color was limited edition, but she has a ton of new spring colors to choose from

Trust Fund Beauty: Champagne Socialite – this shade is available for purchase. You can find my full review here.

Wet n ‘Wild/Fergie – This was another limited edition color, but still a staple

Mauve, Lilac, Lavender 20170420_131240.jpg

Toned down purples are another favorite of mine. They look flattering on all skin colors and they’re very Spring-appropriate.

Sally Girl – This brand has been discontinued, and will soon be replaced with a new line at Sally Beauty, but I included it anyway since it goes with the color scheme.

Wet n’ Wild: Bite the Bullet – I bought this one before they changed the packaging, but this color can still be found in stores in their square bottles.

Ciate London: Spinning Teacup (PP150) – this shade is so beautiful and long-wearing, and you can feel good about wearing it because this vegan polish has no camphor, toluene, DHP, or formaldhyde resin.

Pastels 20170420_132540

Other than the purples, anything pastel is perfect for Spring!

Julep: Isabella Soho Glam – this is currently out of stock on their site, but I believe it should be back soon.

Milani: Mint Crush – one of my first ever Milani polishes was this shade. I love it!

Kiss: Sakura – this light pink is my all time favorite nail color, but something about wearing it in the Spring to match the blossoms is so sweet.

A Few More 20170420_134516

Finally, there are a few more shades I found that I really enjoy for spring.

Sally Girl – again, these polishes have been discontinued, but the berry pink and bold teal are really beautiful colors to show off during springtime.

China Glaze: Platinum Silver (77501) – this is one of the best polish brands, in my opinion, so I was really happy to find that they are cruelty free. You can still purchase this shade anywhere China Glaze is sold.

I hope this list helped you out a little. Check back soon for my summer colors! I love to break out the fluorescent pinks and corals for that time of year – what will you be wearing?! I love to hear from you!

Much love



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