BH Cosmetics: Lavish Elegance 15 Piece Brush Set

Hello everyone, and welcome back! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but as always, I have been testing things out to share with you!

Today, I’ll be reviewing this new brush set release from BH Cosmetics. If you’re familiar at all with my blog, you will have seen me review a bunch of BH items. I’m a huge fan of their eye shadow palettes, so I was excited to review some of their brushes. Any makeup enthusiast will tell you that you can never have enough brushes. It’s always nice to have plenty of clean brushes to create different looks, and prolong the times between washings.

I had had my eye on this set for a while. The beautiful finish of the brushes along with the fact that the set is entirely cruelty free really intrigued me. The set costs only $21.99, but BH is always having sales, so when they emailed out a discount code for 20%, I thought that would be the perfect time to order. At regular price, the price per brush comes out to under $1.50 per brush! With the code I ended up paying just under $24 for the set, including shipping. I ordered the brushes on March 24, and received the brushes on April 1, just a week later. I’ve always experienced pretty quick turnaround times when ordering with BH.

The brushes arrived in a box with all of the brush names and details, along with a nice cosmetic bag. The entire set, including the bag, was larger than expected. These brushes are much longer, and have much more length to the bristles than other brushes I’m used to (you can check out a small list of my favorites here). I like that the bag not only fits the entire set of brushes, but there is still ample room for other items too. There’s nothing as frustrating as a makeup bag that doesn’t fit enough of your items!

The bag appears to be a beautiful taupe-lavender shade of suede, but is actually smooth and soft polyester. Each brush has a lavender handle with polished ferrules and gray bristles. The handles are smooth, very lightweight, and easy to hold on to especially because they’re longer than average brush handles. The only two brushes that are a little heavy are the 1 and 2 brushes, but that is to be expected with more dense and large brushes.

20170419_1431341) All Over Bronzer Brush – the densely packed, extremely soft bristles make this brush perfect for all-over bronzing. It’s flat-head shape would also be nice for pressing powder onto the face.

20170419_1432262) Powder Brush – this tapered large brush is perfect for lightly dusting powder all over, or for applying bronzer. Like all of the brushes in the set, it’s so incredibly soft.

20170419_1433053) Precise Blush Brush – as the name states, this brush is ideal for applying blush only where you want it. The very soft and dense bristles make it easy to achieve a wash of color without having to use too much of your product.

20170419_1445104) Conceal/Highlight Brush – I used this brush both for concealing around my eye area, and for applying powder highlight. It worked lovely for both purposes. The shape and density make applying concealer easy and fast, and the size makes it perfect for applying powder highlight just where you want it.

20170419_1448555) Blending Crease Brush – blending brushes are always my favorite, and this one does not disappoint. It’s fluffy tip is the perfect size for flawlessly and easily blending shadows.

20170419_1451296) Tapered Blending Brush – This blending brush performs just as well as the number 5 brush, but since it’s smaller, it is nice for much more precise areas of blending.

20170419_145416.jpg7) Dense Crease Brush – This brush is ideal for adding and blending really dark colors in a small, precise space. because of its density.

20170419_1456128) Fluff Shadow Brush – I love this large fluffy brush for applying powder to set around my eyes, and to apply a wash of a single color all over the lid.

20170419_1458469) Angled Flat Buffer Brush – This brush is nice for applying highlight to specific areas, or for setting really small areas of concealer

20170419_15004410) Angled Shadow Brush – this brush performs similar to the dense crease brush – it allows for blending at an angle, like in the crease, much easier

20170419_15025411) Small Detail Brush – this is another good choice for working with really dark colors, and applying shadow to the lower lash line since it is so precise

20170419_15044312) Lip Brush – I don’t use lip brushes often, but I do like the way this one glides on the lips easily.


20170419_15062213) Precision Eyeliner Brush – This cannot be used to create a precise wing, but it is small and flat enough to make tight-lining, and lining the water line really easy.

20170419_15085514) Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush – because of the size of this brush head, I wouldn’t personally use it as a n eyeliner brush, but I really enjoy it for my brows.

20170419_15103115) Spooley Brush – a brush set is not complete without a spoolie in my opinion. This one is sturdy, but much softer than what I’m used to. It makes working with my brows more enjoyable, instead of being so scratchy and rough.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this brush set. It’s great for beginners as well as more seasoned makeup enthusiasts. The name Lavish Elegance is a perfect name for these brushes because they are really sleek and beautiful. I’d recommend this set for anyone looking to upgrade or update their brush collection! Let me know if you bought this too, or if you have your eye on it. I’d love to know!

Thank you for being patient while you waited for this post! I’ll have more to come very soon.

As always – Much Love



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