Laura Mercier: Lightstruck Palette

Hello everyone, and welcome! I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with nail polish lately and I’ve been posting about what I’ve been trying. Have you gotten to check out those posts?

Today I’m excited to talk about a product I haven’t been able to put down since it arrived. As some of you may know as I introduced in this post, I am a member of Influenster Nation. This means that Influenster vales my opinion enough to send me products to try in exchange for discussing it on my social media accounts and reviewing it on the appropriate sites. While I receive free product, I promise to always give the most thorough and honest review that I can. I’ve mentioned to you before, but would like to reiterate – my opinion will never be anything but my honest opinion, and I will not be swayed by free products. I will always tell you the honest truth. If you’ve been a reader of my blog, I hope that is apparent in my posts. I’m here to give you helpful information, not to push products that I don’t stand behind.

I’ve included the tweets and looks that I have posted regarding this palette at the end of this review below! Please check those out, too!

For this Influenster Box I was lucky enough to receive Laura Merciers’s contribution to the gorgeous holographic trend in the form of the Lightstruck Palette. I cannot express how much I love everything rainbow and holographic. I’m so happy that Laura Mercier is a cruelty-free brand. As you know, I aim to be as cruelty-free with my beauty and hygiene products as I can. While I do test out products that are sent to me that are not cruelty-free, I will never recommend them whole-heartedly for that reason.

As their site states, this is “A palette featuring five lightweight, sheer crème highlighters that interplay with light to reflect and refract a prismatic glow”. The outer packaging is a stunning rainbow of holographic reflection, complete with a nice mirror inside. The lid stays snapped shut tight with magnets, and it’s a compact size that would make travel easy. Since they are crèmes, you can carry it around with confidence that it won’t break like a powder would.

There are five different colors of crème, all intended for slightly different purposes. The largest pan contains Aurora, which is recommended for use all over the face to create a beautiful radiant base. It’s a peachy, terracotta shade in the pan, but shows up as a copper-like sheen on the skin. I’ve worn Aurora in exactly that way, and it does indeed create a beautiful healthy glow-from-within effect. It’s exciting that this is the largest pan size in the palette, because it is my favorite of the five shades. While this shade is appropriate and nice on my skin tone, but I don’t think it would work well for all over the face for my friends on the paler side. It would, however, look beautiful as a cheekbone topper on lighter faces. It would work beautifully on skin tones darker than mine as well.

The next crème is named Prism, and appears as a pretty neutral gold in the pan. It reflects as such on the skin. Prism is intended to “spotlight” or bring attention to a specific area of the face by reflecting light in that area. It does just that, and it really enhances the natural yellows in your skin to make you appear radiant. It seems to be appropriate for any skin tone, though a lighter hand would benefit the paler folks.

Next to Prism is Beam, a subtle blue-gray crème in the pan, and it reflects blue-silver on the skin. It doesn’t make you look like you bruised, but rather gives the skin a soft, cool iridescence. Beam is suggested for use on the eyes, and to create depth as you would with cooler contouring colors. As with Prism, I think this shade would look beautiful on all skin tones.

Beneath Prism is Reflect, a neutral medium brown crème that helps create radiant warmth. I have used it as a bronzer and it creates a stunning and natural sun-kissed look. You can apply it with a light hand to work on lighter skin tones, and it would enhance the reflection on darker skin tones as well.

Finally, we have Ray, the perfect champagne color. It has just enough of a peach undertone that it would not look ashy on dark skin tones. Since you can sheer out the product based on application method it would be beautiful on the highest points of even the lightest of faces.

Since these crèmes are intended to be applied with fingers, that is the only method I’ve used to apply them with the exception of the eyes. Since I like to have long nails, I use flat shadow brushes instead, otherwise I can’t fit my fingers into the small areas around my eyes. These crèmes can be built up for more intense color payoff, or can be sheered out as I mentioned above by applying a lighter layer. They blend effortlessly with the warmth of the finger tips, and it makes controlling where the color goes really easy. If you end up applying too much product it’s easy to fix. Although they are cream products, they are so lightweight that I feel confident they will be nice to use even in the summer heat. As with any crème product, though, please keep in mind that you will need to set it in place with either a brightening or translucent powder to keep it in place all day long.

I am not able to smell the product while it is on my skin. I can detect a slight fragrance when bringing my nose very close to the palette, but it is a very subtle, fresh scent. So subtle, in fact, that I can’t tell if it’s the actual crèmes giving off the scent or if it’s the packaging. Either way, it is not overly fragranced which I think everyone can appreciate. I’m not a big fan of overly smelly products on my face all day.



Be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts to get these types of updates in real time! My instagram features a really cool Boomerang video of this palette’s stunning packaging, too, so you should check that out! It took me a while to figure out how to get it to look nice.


I am very impressed with the quality of this product, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile, well-performing palette. I find it really fun to use, too. Laura Mercier is a higher-end brand, so while the $52 price tag may seem high, it is pretty appropriate. Palettes like this are impressive because they can be used for eyes, face, cheeks, and even to highlight the décolletage. Laura Mercier can be purchased on their site, in Sephora stores, and most high end department stores.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in trying this out? Have you already purchased it? Let me know! Keep a lookout for more Influenster box reviews and more, right here!

With much love, as always



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