Blackheart Beauty

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I’m here with some more polishes to introduce you to. I hope you got a chance to check out my latest one comparing gel-like polishes at the drugstore.

I was recently cleaning out my nail polish collection and tossing things that are no longer good, or aren’t cruelty free. I’ve had these polishes from Blackheart for some time, but hadn’t used them since last summer.

Blackheart is a cruelty free, vegan beauty brand that you can find in stores at Hot Topic. I initially picked these up because the bottles are the coolest polish packaging I’ve ever seen. They have really beautiful and unusual colors. Their skull bottles also accommodate perfumes and colognes, and they also have some eye makeup products.


The Pink shade labeled BH Neon Pink is a vivid, perfect hot pink color. It dries down pretty dull, and does transfer if you scrape your nails on paper, for example. A simple clear topcoat will prevent this and give you a nice shine. They wear for about 5 days without chipping.

The cotton candy looking shade is labeled as pink/blue glow polish, as it does indeed glow in the dark! This shade is a little difficult to work with, and takes several coats in order for both the color and the glitter to show up nicely, and it takes a really long time to dry. A top coat on this one is highly recommended as well, as your nails will not be smooth or shiny unless you do so. The wear time on this is comparable to the pink.

The range goes anywhere from $5 and up, but Hot Topic is always having two-for sales, and other really awesome deals, so I’d say this brand is pretty affordable. The polishes I own are labeled at $5.50 each, but I remember getting them on a two-for or buy one get one deal. Now that I’m aware that this line of products is vegan, I can’t wait to try some of their other products. As soon as I do you’ll be the first to hear about it!

Have you tried any Blackheart products before? Let me know!

Much Love



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