“Custom” Face Routine – Julia

Hello everyone, and welcome! I hope you got a chance to check out my recent skincare posts, where I shared my favorite products and information to achieve better skin. Recently, my sister has been asking me for tips for everyday makeup, so I thought I’d share it with you in hopes that it’ll teach you something too!

The goal for this post is to focus on achieving the most natural and flawless looking face routine that is reasonable enough to do daily. I’ve included only cruelty free items. The products I’m recommending are as affordable as I can think of while being really high quality. Once you get a better idea of what kind of products work well for you, you can explore pricier options. If you’re curious about a product, type it into YouTube. You’ll get to hear people talking about it, and get a better idea of whether or not you should purchase. I understand that for someone just starting a new routine, this may seem like a ton of products and a ton of steps. Once you get the concepts down and you do this for a couple of weeks, the routine will feel like second nature, and it won’t feel like so much.

Whatever my sister has been doing in terms of skincare seems to be working really well – the last time I saw her, her skin was clear and smooth. I do know her skin type is super similar to mine, so something I will be focusing on is hydrated and non-cakey looking products. I think we’re pretty much the same shade right now, so I’ve included color/shade suggestions where applicable. That being said, we’re going to start exactly where skincare ends (with a clean and moisturized face).


An important product people tend to overlook is primer. Once you have your moisturizer on, there may still be some issues you want to correct: redness, large pores, excess dryness. Primers can fix all of that. If you have more than one issue you want to tackle you can always mix primers to achieve the formula you need. I haven’t gotten the chance to test many higher end primers, but once you get a feel of what type of primer would work best for you, you will be able to check out other brands of similar formulas.


Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer: Tone adjusting green – apply this to blotchy or red areas to neutralize. This will also help disguise dark under eye circles. You can find this at most drugstores for around $6.



Studio Poreless Face Primer – press into obvious pores to fill and disguise them. You can pick this up at most drugstores for about $6.




Pore Filler – press into obvious pores to fill and disguise them. A little more pricey than Elf at about $14. I know for sure NYX can be found at Target, Ulta, and CVS.


prime.pngHard Candy

Sheer Envy Pore-Defense Priming Serum – this primer doesn’t fill pores as well as the other items listed here, but it provides a lot of extra moisture (hence the serum part of the name) so this one is great for when skin is a little bit drier than usual.

Color Correct

I’m lucky enough that my skincare routine has evened out my skintone enough to where I don’t require much in terms of color correcting. The only product I tend to use is a color to neutralize the dark circles under my eyes. Color correcting is a huge topic all on its own, so I’ve only included what I do. Julia doesn’t have any discoloration on her face that needs attention, but please let me know if there are any concerns you’d like to learn to correct.


Under Eye Concealer in the shade light– this peach tone is perfect for counter-acting the deep blues and purples that I have under my eyes. Use fingers to pat onto under eye area. The warmth of your fingers will melt the concealer onto your skin nicely. This item will cost you about $6 anywhere NYX products are sold. I typically don’t require this step as the concealer I mention further into this post tends to provide enough coverage that my dark circles are taken care of. This product will give the concealer I mention later an extra boost, and will ensure the dark circles never peek through throughout the day.

This next step is dependent on personal preference. If you will be using eye shadows, and are worried about ruining your face makeup, this would be the time to do your eyes. If you’re confident in your makeup skills, and won’t be getting eye shadow all over the place, you can proceed with complexion products and do your eyes afterward instead.


For days you will be wanting a really natural look, you can use a BB cream. I’m pretty sure Julia is currently using the Wet n’ Wild BB cream based on a previous recommendation of mine. I also gave her a little bit of the Wet n’ Wild Coverall foundation to try out for a little bit more coverage (how is that working, Juls?). I’ve included images of these some other complexion products I recommend or enjoy.

One miscellaneous tip: always be sure to apply complexion products everywhere. Some common places people forget to blend their complexion products onto are the neck, the ears, and thoroughly on the nose. You don’t want it to look like you applied a mask to your face, but rather blended it carefully part of the way down the neck, well onto the flat parts of the ears, and in the creases and underneath the nose.

I usually apply these products to my face using my fingers, and then I use my dampened beauty sponge to even out any areas where there is not enough or too much product. A beauty sponge can be used throughout instead of fingers, or a foundation brush.

images6UTH4VM1Wet n’ Wild

Photo Focus Foundation – this is a newer product that people with all types of skin have been really enjoying. I haven’t gotten the chance to try it out yet, but I thought I’d include it. I haven’t seen this in any of my local drugstores, but should be available in most other drugstores, or from the Wet n’ Wild site for about $7.

lagirl.pngL.A. Girl

Pro Coverage Foundation – this is another newer full coverage product that I’ve heard really great reviews on. I haven’t gotten to try it myself, but will be doing so as soon as I get the chance. I know L.A. Girl can be found at some Wal-Marts, Rite-Aids, or on their site for around $8.


BB Cream in the color natural – This is my other favorite (aside from the Wet N’ Wild one) BB cream. It gives you a nice, even skin tone without giving too much coverage. As I said above, NYX can be found at Target, CVS, and Ulta. This costs about $13 depending on where you purchase.


cccream.pngIT Cosmetics

Your Skin But Better CC Cream – I use the color medium, but Julia may like the color light; I believe this can be swatched at Ulta stores to be sure. This is my most expensive complexion product recommendation, coming in at about $38. Please check out my post on the Top 5 IT products to read about why it’s so worth it, though. Psst. Just try it. This CC Cream will give really nourishing, luxurious, full skin coverage.


Concealer is definitely not required, and there is so much you can do with concealer, but for the sake of brevity, I’m only including the two products I enjoy using (I’ve tried so many concealers and I only like these two ha!). I apply my concealer after my foundation/BB cream just because I feel like it melts in over the top of that product really well. I like to apply concealers with my fingers because the warmth of my hands melts concealer onto the face. I then use my beauty sponge to blend everything in flawlessly. The sponge will also absorb any excess product.

lagirlasdf.pngL.A. Girl

Pro Conceal – I use the shade Creamy Beige for regular concealer purposes, and for a more highlighted shade Classic Ivory, so I think Julia will prefer the lighter Classic Ivory. (I’m not 100% on the shades, so let me know if you decide to buy these, I’ll double check). This is a good concealer, but I tend to use the NYX under eye dark circle color corrector to be sure my circles are covered with this one. These only cost about $3 wherever L.A. Girl products are sold!

byebyeIT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Under Eye – I use the shade neutral medium, but Julia may prefer the lighter shade in light. This concealer is incredibly full coverage, and a tiny bit goes really far. I write about this in depth in this post. This will cost about $24 where IT Cosmetics are sold.

Set (powder)

I feel the need to set any cream product I put on my face, whether or not I’m going for a full coverage finish. I feel like applying powder over a BB cream or foundation, and then setting the face with a spray helps the product stay on the face longer, reduces transfer to clothes, and takes that perfecting effect even further. Once you apply your powder, you might be a little scared because your skin will look powdery and flat, but that’s what the setting spray is for. But that comes at the end.

I’m pretty sure Julia probably has a favorite face powder; that can be used to add some coverage and perfecting power while setting a BB cream, but I do not recommend using colored face powders to set foundations, as this will give you that thick, caked-on appearance that isn’t always very flattering. For setting foundations and concealers I recommend the following products. I personal only use loose powders, but there are some good pressed translucent powders available from NYX, L.A. Girl, Elf, and Wet n’ Wild that people really enjoy.


Airspun Translucent Powder – this powder smells like Mama Gegis (Julia will get this). This comes in complexion colors as well, but for setting purposes I recommend translucent. Press this on with a beauty sponge or dust this on with a powder brush over face once all of the cream products (foundation, concealer) have been applied. You can also use the powder puff that comes with the product, but I tend to like more control over the powder, and brushes or sponges give me that. Use a fluffy brush to brush away any excess powder. This can be found in drugstores for around $7.

lauLaura Mercier

Translucent Powder – this powder makes your skin look almost airbrushed. Apply the same way I described above. Depending on where you purchase this will cost anywhere between $24-$38, but it will last you a really long time.


qvcIT Cosmetics

Pores No More – this powder is the ultimate airbrushed look. This is perfect for really eliminating the appearance of pores. This can be purchased at Ulta, Sephora, or online for about $24. I wrote in-depth about this one in this post.

For the sake of keeping this post at a reasonable length, I’m going to skip contouring entirely. I’ve included a couple of video links that explain how and why to contour just in case. Julia, let me know if you’d like to try contouring and I’ll recommend some contouring products that work for me.

Nikkia Joy – How to Contour & Highlight for Beginners 9:28 minutes

Shaaanxo – How to Contour & Highlight! 14:38 minutes


Once foundation and concealer is all set in place with powder, your complexion is going to look very flat and one-dimensional. Other than contouring, brozing is another way to add color and dimension to your face. I only like one brush and one bronzer product so I’ve listed those below with a little face chart. The point of bronzer is to make your skin appear kissed by the sun on the areas of the face where the sun would normally hit.


Bronze powder – I believe there is only one shade of matte bronzer. I do not use a shimmery bronzer on most days because I just prefer the look of a matte bronzer, especially because I go in with illuminating powders afterward. This powder can be purchased anywhere Elf is sold for about $4.

bronzeI found this brush at TJ Maxx. If I’m not mistaken, it was a brand similar to (but not) Ecotools. I just like the shape and fluffiness of this brush to apply my bronzer. I follow this face chart except for the nose bronzing. I don’t like to do too much when it comes to my nose because it isn’t straight and it has a lump on it. I think bronzing and contouring it is the opposite of flattering on my nose.


After bronzer your face will have a healthier color to it, and for a super natural look, a lot of people like to skip blush. My cheeks naturally have color to them, so I’ve always loved the way blush looks on my skin. Blush is a hard product to recommend because everyone likes different shades and different finishes. I tend to avoid blushes with shimmer in them because they can make a lot of faces look bruised instead of flushed, and it’s hard to control that effect. I’ve recommended my favorite matte blushes instead.


Powder Blush Palette in the color light – This palette not only has three beautiful blush shades, but a bronzer shade I approve of too. It is a little orange, so be careful, as it may not look as natural. You can mix and match all of these shades to create the perfect color to go with your look. It will only cost you about $6.


Blush single in Rose Silk (32) – this blush is really soft and the perfect pink. You can find this for only $3.




Blush single in Mellow Mauve – I wrote about his product here. It only costs $3, and is beautiful on the skin.


We’re almost to the end, folks. Hang in there with me! There is one last step I like to do before we finish with spray. It is, of course, entirely optional, but I love doing it so much I even wrote an entire post on it here. In that post you will find my recommendations for types of brushes to use and my favorite powders to illuminate/strobe with.

Final Set

Finally, I like to set my makeup with a setting spray. Setting spray can do a lot of things – change the finish of your makeup to/from matte/illuminated, make your makeup stay on longer, and melt all those powders together to look more like skin and less like powder!


Mist & Set – When I want to really melt everything together I use this spray. It has no scent and is super affordable. It’ll only cost you $3. Other than melting everything together, this does not change the finish of your makeup.


setting.pngWet n’ Wild

Setting Spray – this spray gives skin a really natural and moisturized look. This is not ideal if you are looking for a matte finish. It smells a little like chemicals at first, but as soon as it dries it goes away. This actually prolongs the wear of my makeup. It only costs about $5.



Make it Last – this spray has been said to be a good dupe for Mac’s Fix + Spray. I haven’t had the chance to try it, but will be doing so soon. Milani can be found at most drugstores, and this spray will cost you $10.

Whew, that’s a lot of products! Have you tried any of the items I mentioned? How did you like it? Building your ideal, everyday kit does not have to be expensive. If you can buy a couple of items each time you visit the drugstore, before you know it you’ll be ready to go in no time.

I really hope this post helped and taught you a little something. Please let me know if you have product questions, skincare questions, or anything else. I’d love to help you find some solutions. I also watch YouTube a lot and am always happy to recommend the most helpful and informative videos for specific topics. Just let me know!

Happy International Women’s day!

With love



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