One Lovely Blog Nomination

Hello everyone! Today’s post is extra special, because I’ve been nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award by Jen at Spoonfuls of Glitter. The nomination was unexpected and I’m truly honored.

Jen’s blog is a welcoming and twinkling collection of information and reflections on what it means to be chronically ill. I’m so honored to have been nominated by such an excellent creator. Thank you, Jen.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
  2. post about the award
  3. share seven facts about yourself
  4. nominate other people (15 at most)
  5. Tell your nominees the good news

Seven Facts About me

  1. I’m an empath. I’m affected by the physical, mental, and emotional energies of others. As you can imagine, this is both a blessing and a hardship. I’m still learning how to protect myself while channeling the things I feel via others into things that make a positive difference. Blogging helps me gather my knowledge into one place and present it in a way that others may become interested, and in turn benefit in some manner.
  2. I think this next fact is tied into the first one. I’m always trying to make people laugh. Not only is it a mechanism I’ve developed to cope with social anxiety, it’s my way of improving someone’s day. If I can make you laugh or smile, even if you’re laughing at me, I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal.
  3. I was born on October 7th. Seven is my favorite number. I have a roman numeral 7 tattooed on my left hand.
  4. I cannot function to my full potential in silence. I must always have music to motivate and ground me. If there is no music, I make it.
  5. My dream is to own a large piece of land and fill it with rescued animals of all kinds. Animals hold a special place in my heart.
  6. I’ve been with my significant other Richard for almost a decade. I feel silly calling him my “boyfriend” but we’re not in any hurry to be married, so ‘boyfriend’ will have to do for now.
  7. I have a dove, a chinchilla, and two dogs. The dove was our 5th grade class pet, and our teacher was moving when the year ended and could not take Joanah with her. Since I was always the one helping to take care of her, my teacher entrusted me with taking her home. The Chinchilla was my 23(?)rd birthday gift from Richie. His name is Chancho, and he’s now about 3 years old. We adopted both dogs. Spots came from the animal shelter when he was about two (he’s now about 4), and Buster was passed along to us from his original family (he’s about 6 months old). Here is everyone.

It wasn’t difficult for me to decide who to nominate for this award. There are a few blogs I enjoy catching up on every couple of weeks. I’ve included their names as well as links to their sites. I really hope you decide to check their pages out, because I know you’ll love them.

Tracy from Me, My Spoons & I Tracy also owns a shop you can access here: Spoonique Boutique

Jay from Fizztah Blogs She also has a YouTube channel

Lilly from Queen of the Nightshade

Sarah from Sarah in Wonderland

Kate from Kate the Almost Great

Kirsten from Chronic Sex

Suzi from Cruelty-Free Kitty

Diane from Spoonie Living

Jamie from More Than Turquoise

Celeste from Celeste Noelani

Katie from Life With ME

Leonni from Leonni’s Little Blog

Beth from Mermaid In Disguise

Bri from The Hoodwitch

6 responses to “One Lovely Blog Nomination

  1. Congratulations on the nomination! And thank you so much for nominating me in turn! 😀 😀 So sweet and kind of you ❤

    Ahh your pets are gorgeous! I love animals too. We just have one cat, a beautiful tabby called Gracie. The dove looks so sassy in her photo, I love it! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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