Oalika Cosmetics

Hello everyone and welcome back!  I’m really excited about today’s post because I’ve been using the products I ordered from Oalika Cosmetics so much that they’ve become some of my go-to’s.

Oalika is another small, black owned business I was lucky enough to find on Twitter. I’d untitled888okjhbeen following for quite some time when she posted a tweet with the images to the right (the tweets have since been deleted). I know the tweet indicated a sale, although I’m not certain what it was. As you can see from the Tweet I posted below, I just couldn’t help myself. The pigmentation and boldness of the colors were unlike any I had seen, especially from the smaller cosmetics companies.

The silver pressed glitter (Lauryn), and the three pressed shadows (Fame, Delirious, and Egypt) had to be mine. 20170131_133441.pngI placed my order for three pressed shadows and one pressed glitter that evening of the 20th, and received my confirmation email immediately. Even with the Christmas rush and the New Year holiday, I received my shipment on January 5th. This huge because small businesses tend to take longer to process orders because they’re doing things on their own. A faster processing time definitely sets Oalika apart from some other processing times I’ve seen.


My items arrived in simple packaging, wrapped carefully and securely. If you follow me on20170113_213749.jpg Twitter you see how often I complain about our USPS service. I’ve watched them lob things directly at people’s doors, so I’m not surprised Egypt was shattered when it arrived. I tweeted that USPS had broken it, and Oalika immediately offered a replacement, which I appreciated very much. I wasn’t expecting a replacement, and didn’t pursue one, especially knowing whose fault it was, but it’s worth noting it was offered. Thankfully, it was in a mini zip bag, so I’ve just been dipping my brush into the bag and using Egypt as a loose shadow. It still works perfectly. I used it above my crease in the “Jackie Brown” inspired look to the right.

Each of the pressed eye shadows are buttery and pigmented. They glide along the skin smoothly and blend out with minimal effort. The colors I ordered are super unique. I haven’t seen many like them. They’re so beautiful, and I hope to add some more to my collection.

I have to be honest, I did not have high hopes for the pressed glitter. I really only ordered it because it was pretty. The experiences I’ve had with pressed glitters in the past aren’t very good. Working with them is messy and can even be uncomfortable. Removal is a pain (literally) and my eyes always feel so raw afterward. I put my faith in Oalika, though, and I decided to do my first ever Snapchat tutorial with the glitter (it was my first time even opening up the bag that it came in). I now wish I would have saved my tutorial, because I can remember saying something like “Wow, this glitter is really nice. I usually don’t like pressed glitters, but this one is really good”. “Lauryn” wasn’t patchy, meaning I didn’t have to work hard to get the glitter exactly where I wanted, and there was virtually no fallout. I had no mess to clean up, and there was no transfer from my hooded lid onto my crease or anywhere else. Since it worked so well, and I wasn’t worried about wear time I didn’t even have to use a glitter glue. The photo below was achieved with a simple eye shadow brush alone. When it came time to remove the glitter, there was no gritty feeling. It came right off with my makeup remover wipe, and I didn’t have to stay scrubbing the glitter pieces in order for them to come off. I kept saying “Wow, this is nice!”. Now I feel like I have a source for pressed glitter that I can trust. The below shot is an image from a clip I posted to Instagram in an effort to draw people to my Snap tutorial. Pardon my wonky lashes, I’m struggling with that lately.







Oalika has lip scrubs, shimmering body lotion, nail polishes, highlighters, more glitter, eyeshadows, glosses, lip primers, so many goodies. I cannot wait to buy some more pressed glitters and eyeshadows, and try out some of their other stuff! The most expensive items on their site are $30, and they’re a brush set and complete palette. Their single shadows are only $6, and their pressed glitters only $3!

Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with new product launches and really amazing sales. If you decide to buy something, please let them know I sent you!

Have you gotten the chance to try any Oalika products? Let me know what you have your eye on from them! What’s another brand you’ve found on Twitter that I need to try?

Much love


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