Disappointing Products

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I hope you’ve been having a good beginning to 2017. I love trying new products, and this year I know we have so much to look forward to in terms of product releases. Trying so many different products, however, comes with the inevitable dreaded unpleasant experience. Out of all of the wonderful things I get excited to share with you, these are sometimes the most important. I always say that if I can prevent you from buying a crappy product, I will. Here are a few that I’ve been using with no success. Hopefully it’ll help you determine if you should steer clear of these items, too.

20170131_103316.jpgSigma Lip Switch

Based on the name alone, I assumed this product was meant to be used over your favorite lipstick color to create a custom, holographic lip. However, This product seems to perform best on its own. Anytime I applied it over anything – lip stains, liquid lips, regular lipsticks – it disappears into a regular gloss in seconds. Where has my rainbow gone? I have no idea, and it’s the oddest thing. I did learn that if I apply it heavily and don’t rub my lips together too much, the holographic effect sticks around a little longer. I’d like to see how some of the other colors perform. I’ll keep this one on hand, as it works ok for photos.

untitled1234.pngMaybelline Facestudio Master Prime: Blur + Smooth

This primer did absolutely nothing for my skin. I’ve had it since before I made the decision to go cruelty free with my makeup, and there’s still quite a bit of product in the tube. I’m throwing this item away.


Suave 24 Hour Anti-Prespirant4194B2W1BFL__SY355_.jpg

I don’t use any deodorants that contain anti-perspirant (usually aluminium chlorohydrate) as they tend to clog the pores and skin under my arms, causing irritation, redness, and peeling. I instead use natural deodorants. I purchased this anti-prespirant based on a tip I found online for sweaty feet inside heels. I usually have no trouble wearing heels all night, but my feet tend to sweat constantly inside any shoes with which I don’t wear socks, making all night wear super uncomfortable. I found a tip online that claimed wearing anti perspirant on your feet would not only prevent slipping inside the shoe, but also reduce sweat. The only thing this anti-perspirant accomplished was leaving a white cast inside my shoe, and actually gave me blisters. Instead of my foot being able to move freely inside my shoe, it was sticky in there, causing uncomfortable friction. “Hack” fail. I’ll be throwing this item away.


Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

This spray smelled amazing. I’m not sure if I use too much of this product at once, or if I’m otherwise mis-using it, but it sucks up what little moisture there is in my hair. I’m left with dirty-feeling and dirty-looking dry hair. It’s pretty gross. I’m tossing this one.

Equate Healthy Glow Daily Moisturizer

I’m a big believer in purchasing store brand versions of name brand items. Sometimes I find they work even better than the brand name version. Not in this case I believe this item was made to be comparable to the Jergen’s Daily Glow Moisturizer (which I do like), so I thought I’d give it a try. It works as a moisturizer, but doesn’t build any sort of color on the skin. I’m not a fan. This one’s going into the trash.

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion: Coconut Milk

This lotion smells delicious, and soaks up well into the skin. But once it soaks in, it’s almost as if I’ve never even applied anything to my skin. My skin actually feels drier when I use this. As you can tell from the amount of product left, I’ve given this a good go. I don’t even like using it for my hands, as it doesn’t moisturize! My mom likes the shea version of this product, so I’ll give it to her in case it works better for her.

LA Tan Luxury Sunless Mousse Black Bronzing: Medium

When I was modeling I was looking for a really great self-tan product (which I did find finally) and this was another I picked up based on the packaging. I tested it out on the underside of my arm for a few days in a row and saw absolutely no change. At all. To the trash for this one.  a

Ulta Tahitian Waters Summer Citrus Shower Gel

You saw this one in my Birthday Beauty Items. I was so excited for this one because of the beautiful fragrance. This shower gel strips away any tiny bit of moisture within my skin. I’ll probably keep it by my sink for a few weeks to use as a hand wash.

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color

This lip color smells like cupcakes and glides on very smoothly. The color is very pigmented and feels soft when it dries. But that’s when the trouble starts. I’m not sure if these are supposed to be long wearing or transfer proof, but they’re neither. The color starts bunching up and flaking off after less than 2 hours of wear. I was disappointed because I like Jordana lip products. After reviewing this one, I’ll be throwing it in the trash with the others.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you have the same issues that I did? Did you end up loving the product? Let me know!

As always, much love ❤


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