Shea Moisture: My New Favorite Brand

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope your holiday celebrations are going well, and you’re ready to get started on 2017 (we’re almost there!). I’ve recently been looking to Shea Moisture for some of my serious skincare and hair care needs, so I thought a post all about them would be appropriate.

I usually talk about products first, and tell you more about the brand afterward, but in this case, the brand itself is what I’m really excited about. I’ve taken the following images straight from Shea Moisture’s home page.


If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that cruelty free and sulfate free products are very important to me. They’ve also left out a lot of other ingredients such as synthetic fragrances and mineral oils that I know a lot of Spoonies are very sensitive to. Aside from everything they leave out, they also conduct their business under fair trade. This means that everything that goes into their products was farmed by individuals who are paid a living wage, and are provided healthy and safe working conditions that focus on doing no harm to their communities or environments. This is something we overlook often as consumers, but I think giving the brands that value fair trade more attention is the way to go.

Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (thick, wavy & curly hair)

20161229_153622.jpgAlthough my hair is not thick, curly, nor wavy, this shampoo and conditioner were the first Shea Moisture items I tried. My mom is super critical of hair products (as am I). She tried these for her thick and curly hair earlier this year, but wasn’t happy with how it left her hair so she gifted them to me. The product claims to reduce frizz while moisturizing hair to give you shiny curls. While I have no curls, I did notice much less frizz and an increase in moisture in my hair.

When I started using these products in August, I had been struggling with hair loss due to illness for over eight months. Since August, I’ve neither changed my lifestyle, medications, nor the way I handle my hair except for the addition of these products. While the formula may not be appropriate for my hair (I have very fine, limp, straight hair), I began to notice not only a decrease in my hair loss, but my hair actually started growing back. Since my shampoo and conditioner were the only things I changed, I can conclude that Shea Moisture saved what was left of my hair and helped it to start growing back. I can’t wait to see what they can do for my hair when I purchase the appropriate formula for me. As you may know, I usually only wash my hair once a week because of how dry my scalp is, so I still have about a third of these products left to use up. I’ll be sure to tell you about a different formula once I get to try one.

The coconut & hibiscus line has multiple items for curly hair, and numerous size options for the shampoo and conditioner. I own the family sized (16 oz.) shampoo and conditioner, which run $11.99 and $12.99, respectively on their site.

African Black Soap Dandruff & Dry Scalp Elixir w/tea tree oil & willow bark extract

20161229_154057I don’t tend to see a great variety of Shea Moisture products in my local stores, so when I realized their products were sold in TJ Maxx, I was really excited. I found this scalp elixir there, and was hoping it would help with my extremely dry, uncomfortable, excessively flaky scalp.

Before I found this product I was getting really desperate. Since I’m still partly undiagnosed, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with my skin. I don’t have regular widespread eczema, but I do get what the doctors describe as discoid lesions (this is usually a sign of Lupus, which is one of my tentative diagnoses). These lesions were getting out of control on my scalp. I even had one particularly persistent and painful one biopsied, but it wasn’t large enough to tell us much other than it was “abnormal”. I had gotten to the point that I was applying actual eczema creams directly to my scalp daily trying to stop the lesions from taking over (as you can imagine this wasn’t a good look).

Since I started using this elixir a little over a month ago the discoid lesions have disappeared and healed completely. There is no more scabbing, no more pain, and no more inflammation. I spray this on the top of my head (where I have the most flakes) after washing my hair, and throughout the week when I feel like my scalp is getting dry again. My flakes are by no means gone, but they’re under much better control than before.

The elixir is listed on Shea Moisture’s site for $10.99, but I only paid $5.99 at my local TJ Maxx. The African Black Soap collection also has several different products to choose from.

100% Tamanu Oil & Organic Shea Butter Extra Dry Skin Body Lotion w/aloe vera Screenshot_20161230-093503.jpg

With a brand that has such a wide selection of products, picking the right one for you can be really intimidating sometimes. Since my scalp wasn’t the only area of my skin that was uncomfortably dry, I decided to tweet Shea Moisture to see whether or not they’d be willing to help me narrow it down. I think it took them less than an hour to send me the tweet above. A few days later, on December 10th I placed my order and received my order confirmation from Shea Moisture. On December 13th I received a notification that my order was processing, and only 7 days 20161230_090145later on December 19th my lotion arrived! It arrived completely frozen solid because of our weird weather, but I placed it in a warm room to soften up and was able to use the (very cold) lotion that day!

The first thing I noticed about the lotion was its delicious fragrance. It smells almost like a tropical drink, which is perfect for me. Those types of scents are my favorite. The formula made me worry the lotion wouldn’t be enough for my skin because it’s so lightweight and soaked into my skin immediately. There was no greasy or sticky feeling left after application, and the moisture lasts the full 24 hours that I need it to. It even immediately relieves that tight, itchy, uncomfortable feeling I get when I’m super dry (like during the winter). I’m a fan of this product.

This lotion is listed on their site for $11.99.

What do you think? Did I make you want to try some Shea Moisture stuff? Let me know what you currently use from them, and how it works for you! I love to hear from you.

With much love


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