The Spoonique Boutique: Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I’m so very excited to post this review, not only because of the quality of the products, but because this is my first review on a Spoonie owned business – The Spoonique Boutique!

As the spoonies know, Alana and I organized the 2016 Spoonie Santa Gift exchange, and that’s how I came to find Tracy. Just a couple days after following her on Twitter, I noticed she was promoting a holiday sale, so I thought I’d check it out and I’m so happy I did. If you follow me on twitter, you know how much I’ve been struggling with extremely dry skin. I was hoping Tracy would have something to help me in her shop. I found just the thing – the 50ml handmade body butter, and decided to add on a lip balm for just $1.

When Tracy saw I was sharing the link to her sale on Twitter, and had purchased a couple of my own items, she was kind enough to include some samples in my package. Everything came wrapped very carefully in custom branded materials. Tracy’s label/sticker game is on point. I find it really impressive when small businesses put such attention into things like this. They may seem like small things, but they make a difference to me as a customer. When My package arrived I spent such a long time touching, smelling, and testing all of the lip balms! I just can’t get enough of these products.

As always, although I did receive some of these items free of charge, all of the opinions in this post are my own, and you can trust that my reviews are honest and accurate.


Lavender Soap with goat’s milk (not yet listed)

This is an item Tracy will be releasing as soon as her current stock is cleared out (hopefully by January). This soap smells so delicious – like lavender ice cream. Using it was a sensory treat. Not only that, but this soap cleansed my skin while leaving it more moisturized than before. I’ve never used a bar soap like that before. I’m used to stepping out of the shower and drying off to leave immediately uncomfortably dry skin. I did not have that feeling with this soap, I almost felt like I didn’t need body lotion afterward. This never happens. My skin was left feeling soft and nourished, and my bathroom smelled amazing.

Body Butter (currently $3)

20161220_131042My first impression of this body butter was it smelled almost like frosting. After showering with the lavender soap, I apply my body butter all over, and am left with a slightly greasy feeling. I initially got a little discouraged, because no one likes to feel greasy right after a shower! But my skin was so dry, the formula just soaked into my skin leaving soft and smooth, instead of tight and dry. Since this is a body butter, you should expect that extra moisture, but if you’re using this for dry skin it’s not an issue as it absorbs quickly. The scent is very light, so it lingers after it absorbs into the skin, but it’s not a overpowering perfume scent, rather a natural fragrance. The moisture lasts all day until my next shower, which is a big deal for me. Usually at the end of the day my skin has reverted back to its ashy, dry, tight, uncomfortable feeling. But this body butter gives my skin moisture that lasts 24 hours.

Pleasure Me bath bomb/fizz (not yet listed)20161220_131527.jpg

This little bath bomb smelled so amazing, so it was my first choice out of all of the other scents I received. IT had a very fresh fruit-like scent mixed with some warmer undertones. The name is really appropriate, because this made my bath very pleasurable. This behaved like any bath bomb does, but I was not expecting for it to enhance my bath the way it did. I’ve used bath bombs before that seemed to only provide some scent and color to the water, but nothing else. Not Tracy’s bath bombs. This little guy dissolved to leave a delicate peach tint to my water, but it also has ingredients in it that really helped to soothe and soften my skin. I used it on a day I was struggling with a lot of joint pain, and this really relaxed me and helped me feel a little better. I also liked how it didn’t leave my tub with a disaster of a mess.

I also received a small package of several other scents of Tracy’s current bath fizzes, and while I haven’t had a chance to completely test those, I have confidence they’re as enjoyable as this bath fizz.

Handmade scented lip balms (currently $1!)

The scented lip balms are listed as an add-on item currently, so I thought I’d add one to my body butter order. Tracy sent me not one, but four of her current scents, and two of her upcoming scents! Her current scents are mint chocolate chip, cotton candy, tropical punch, watermelon (smells amazing), and an additional scent I did not receive: strawberry kiwi! The new scents I got to try are mango and pina colada. I love tropical scents so I was really especially excited about the pina colada scent!

These lip balms are super smooth, smell amazing, and they actually work at nourishing and moisturizing my lips. I’m very picky when it comes to lip balms. I’ve tried countless brands and kinds and I never seem to like the scent, the taste, or they just don’t work. These lip balms passed my test. They smell delicious, have virtually no flavor so there is no artificial or chemical-ly taste. My lips actually look smoother and feel soothed while wearing and using this product. I had just run out of my candy cane Chapstick (the only lip balm I use), and I’ve happily replaced it with these.

I asked Tracy why she decided to make and sell bath her bath products. Because she has been denied disability numerous times (a struggle many spoonies are also familiar with), she decided to sell her products. She chose bath products because she

“…wanted to make products that were both fun and helpful for people like me suffering from chronic illness and chronic pain…I really love making all these products. They may seem really small and petty to some, but to a spoonie, the ability to rest and recover is everything and I like to think my products can help with that at least a little.”

20161220_135846Using Tracy’s products, I could really feel the love that went into making them. It’s important to me to help spread awareness about brands with visions like Tracy’s, especially when there are brands run by women. I was really excited about sharing this shop with you all, and I hope that you decide to purchase from her.

The sale I mentioned at the beginning of the post is still live, so you have some time to take advantage of her current products and pricing before her new items get listed. Be sure to use the code SPOONIE50 to get 50% off your $30 order! She carefully lists her ingredients along with each product, so it’s easy for spoonies who may have allergies or sensitivities to know what products are appropriate for them. How refreshing to find a brand that understands you.

Tracy was kind enough to prepare a second package for me that I’m currently awaiting. Once I receive those products I will be sure to post Part II of this post with all of the details.

Have you tried anything from Tracy’s shop? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love to start a list of spoonie-owned small businesses, so I can make an effort to support them, too! Be sure to share their websites or Twitter @’s.

With much love


3 responses to “The Spoonique Boutique: Part 1

  1. Thank you so much for writing this post! I cannot describe just how grateful I am that you took the time to support my shop, and it means so much to me to know that my products are truly as helpful as I had hoped. It makes me so happy to read how much you enjoyed using the products! I’m so excited for you to get your next package and try them out! 😘💕

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