November’s Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I hope the holidays haven’t been making you too stressed, and you’ve been able to enjoy yourself. This post is long overdue, because I happened to misplace some products after receiving by Glam Bag, and you know I like to have a full review ready for you before posting. I finally located and got to use the products, so I’m excited to tell you about them!

This month’s bag design was “Rockstarlet” so the print of beauty items in the shapes of constellations was clever and cute. The bag is nice and thick so it seems like it will last a long time, and the gold foiling doesn’t seem like it will fade away easily.


Model Co Instant Brows: Medium/Dark

This was the first product I tried, and also the one I’ve tested most thoroughly (it’s almost gone!). I was worried the color wouldn’t be a good match for my hair, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The product is soft and applies super easily. The color blends in perfectly with my natural brow color to give me natural looking brows. The product wears well throughout the day, and I haven’t had any problems with it smudging or wearing away. The little brush it comes with is actually the type of brush I learned to do brows with, but I’m not a fan of it. Now that I’ve had time to play with different types of brow products, I find that spooled brushes are much more effective at giving you a natural look. However, the brush is a nice addition if you’re like me, and tend to throw products into your purse for touch-ups later. Furthermore, the actual full sized product comes with the spoolie-type brush on the end, which is nice. This isn’t your traditional pencil, but it can be sharpened.

Model Co creates products with everyday people in mind that want to get a really flawless and model-like look. I’ve tried a few of their products before and find them to be of great quality. Each Instant Brows pencil is listed at $16, which I find to be relatively affordable. Since this brand is cruelty free, I would most definitely be willing to pay the $16 for a really good brow pencil. Model Co makes a ton of other products besides cosmetics, like a self-tanner they’re pretty well known for. If you’re looking for something new to try, definitely keep Model Co on your list.

OFRA Cosmetics Banana Powder

I wasn’t very excited to see I had received a banana powder, since I already have a few, and haven’t been too happy with how they appear on my own skin. I have the strangest undertones to my face (olive?) so banana powders tend to make me look sallow. However, after trying Ofra’s version, I now know that I’ve just been using bad banana powders! This powder is very fine and actually performs the way I’ve been told banana powders should. The tone of this is subtle enough that it actually covers and brightens, and does not make me look ill. I also used it on a client with darker skin than mine, and it brightened up her under eye area beautifully without looking odd. Ofra has made me a fan. I’ve tried some other products from Ofra, and still would love to try more.

I always do a little research for you when writing my reviews, and I learned something new about Ofra this time around! I had no idea they were cruelty free, so you know I was really happy to learn that. The powder I received in the Glam Bag is just a single pan. That sells for only $12 on their site, but they also have a $15 option. The extra $3 you pay is for better packaging, as you get it in a compact. Since I now know I have a banana powder I can trust, I’ll probably buy a compact version for my makeup artist kit.

Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum

I love honey, the way it smells, the bees that make it, and all of the wonderful things we can make from it, so when I saw this in my bag I was really excited. You may know what a miraculous thing honey is nutritiously as well as topically, but did you know that our skin tends to react to and absorb it amazingly well? This product claims to increase cell growth, brighten, moisturize, and smooth skin, and I have to agree. Using this in the morning is perfect because if its fresh smelling light texture. Putting it under your primer or other skin products doesn’t make you feel like you’re piling on products. Only a small amount is needed for this effect, so I think the product should last me a decent amount of time. My skin definitely feels smoother and softer using this product.

I had never heard of Hey Honey before, so I was anxious to learn a little more about the brand. The woman that founded this brand wanted to make really effective skincare that required the absolute minimum number of steps. Hey Honey is newly available at Ulta, but you can also find it on Amazon and in Birchbox. I found it a little odd that while their FAQ’s page states they are a cruelty free brand, this information wasn’t available anywhere else on their site. The size Ipsters received was the full product size is 1 oz for $41. That price sounds about right for a really good quality serum (it’s pricey, but appropriate) and it will last you a few months at least. It’s an item I’ll definitely keep in mind next time I’m looking to purchase something like this.

Elizabeth Mott Color Is Bae Lip Lacquer: Red Chili

This lip color feels so good. It glides on so smoothly, and dries down to a satin finish really20161219_180638.jpg nicely while leaving your lips soft. I wore this lip color without re-touching for eight hours (see photo) and I think it held up pretty well! I’m not easy on my lips, so those eight hours included plenty of eating, beverages, and cuddling my pups. There was no color transfer throughout the day, which I loved especially because it’s such a bright shade.

I’ve only ever tried one other Elizabeth Mott product which I also loved. I like that Elizabeth Mott has really fun and bright packaging and branding. Her focus is on achieving the ‘perfect product’. It’s also a cruelty free brand! The full size Color Is Bae lacquers come in five colors, and are listed on their site for $20. For a really comfortable and long wearing liquid lip that price is pretty reasonable.

Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional face primer

This is one of the products I ‘misplaced’. When I received my Glam Bag I decided to set this aside for use in my kit/on my clients. After using it on one person, it stayed in my kit and I couldn’t remember what I had done with it, but I also got to try it myself finally. This primer is designed to smooth and fill pores and other imperfections, which it does, but I feel it kind of makes products slide around over it, instead of adhering to it. Luckily the shoot I was doing makeup for was really short, so I didn’t have to worry about the client’s foundation staying put for too long. I think this primer would be ideal for use along with a primer designed to prolong your makeup wear. The product comes in two sizes – .75 oz for $31, and 1.5 oz for $44.

Benefit is an interesting brand. All of their product names are really cute, and their packaging is retro, which everyone seems to love. Again, I had no idea what this brands policy was on animal testing -I had do delve deep into their FAQ’s section to find out that their products are not tested on animals. There isn’t much more information about the brand itself that I was able to find on their site, so I can’t give you much more information here. I find that a little odd. Most brands make it a point to include that type of information on their pages.

Have you tried Ipsy yet? Have you gotten items you enjoy? What other types of subscription boxes have you been receiving? Let me know below! I love to hear from you all.

With much love


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