Holiday Gift Giving

Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season so far, and things aren’t getting too stressful for you. We’re nearing the end of the holidays soon, but let’s enjoy what’s left of December while we can. Christmas will be here in just a few days – are you ready?

I think I’m about done with all of my Christmas shopping. My family decided for the second year that we would not exchange gifts, so I’ve gotten a few things for my friends and coworkers. I wanted to share some of the items I’m giving, in case they help give you some ideas for last minute gifts. I tend to enjoy giving a few smaller items to each person, rather than just one. Most of the things listed are from Ulta, and a few items were from Amazon.


Becca Glow On The Go: Shimmering Skin Perfector: Moonstone (1)

A certain someone mentioned to me that their Becca highlighter broke.

Leaders InSolution Aloe Soothing and Teatree Relaxing Renewal Masks (4)

Skin treatment masks are a great gift/stocking stuffer. They’re inexpensive, and allow your recipient to pamper themselves at home on their own time. Plus, Korean skin care is huge right now – this is an easy way to try some of those products out.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel (1)

Just the name of this makes you imagine a spa day, doesn’t it? This travel size will give my recipient a good amount to try in case they’d like to purchase the full size for themselves later on.

Essence Eye Shadow Palette: All About The Roses (1)

I’ve seen a few reviews on Essence products, and I thought this palette of staple nudes would be a perfect gift for a friend who is trying to get better at applying shadows.

Essence liquid lipstick(NEW) : 01 Color Party (1)

As I said before, I’ve seen positive reviews on this product, and thought the color would not only go well with the palette, but with her skin tone.

Butter London POUTfull Petite Lacquer Kit (1)

The YouTube beauty guru Tati gave me the idea to buy this kit. You can break it up into two gift boxes so you can give certain colors to certain friends. Another great and luxurious stocking stuffer.

Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Wanderlust Set (1)

I love Pacifica as a brand, so I knew they’d have something really nice. The person who this is going to really loves fragrances, and I think she’ll love this set. It smells amazing.

Shea Moisture Energizing Body Wash/Bubble Bath

I love this brand, so when I saw the travel sized bubble bath I knew I had to add it to one friends gift. Another great smelling product.

Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturizer

Another of my favorite brands, this calming cream is another soothing addition to anyone’s gift.

Ulta Vanilla Icing Hand Cream

Ulta has a ton of seasonal items such as this one at a really low price. Another nice way to stuff a stocking and pamper your friend.

Funko POP Animation Rick & Morty: Rick Action Figure (1)

This has to be the perfect gift I’m giving this year. I can’t tell you how many times this person has mentioned to me how much he wants the POPs from this show. I hope this will be a good start for him.

Archer: Season 1 DVD (1 not shown)

I took a chance on this one and decided to surprise this friend with the DVD set of Archer’s first season, as I know she’s a fan. Hopefully she’ll love it.

Ty Hello Kitty: Reindeer Ears (1 not shown)

Hello Kitty was on this person’s list of things they’d like, so I thought a Christmas version would be perfect.

There are still a few items I’m waiting to arrive in the mail, but they’re small things. Hopefully the items I’ve listed so far may help give you some ideas for gifts, or even some ideas of what to ask for on your wishlist.

Adding candy, candy canes, and gift cards from Starbucks or Target are also really cute and inexpensive ways to treat your loved ones. I hope a few of my tips, or reasons why I picked some of these items up will help you with your gift giving decisions.

Happy gift giving, and please stay grounded this season.

I love you all


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