Erno Laszlo/Influenster Box

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! Things have been moving really fast this time of year, so that gives us plenty to explore here on the blog. I’m currently working on getting my freelance makeup artist kit together, and Black Friday was a huge help with that. I’ll be sure to share everything I get with you all once my packages arrive.

As you all know, I’m an Influenster. They send me items to try in exchange for a detailed, and honest review. This time, I really love the luxury products they sent me.


This is a two step cleansing system designed for sensitive skin. I was paired with this product due to in-depth survey responses about my skin type and concerns. First, the oil is applied generously to dry skin. If you’ve ever cleansed with oil before, you  know it’s something that takes a little getting used to, especially if you’re a fan of really bubbly lathers. Once the oil has been massaged thoroughly into the skin, the bar should be run under water and then massaged along the face to begin a lather. Once there’s enough soap on the skin, more massaging is needed to work the product into the skin and remove impurities. Once rinsed, the skin is left feeling smooth, clean, and moisturized.

One huge complaint I have with many cleansers is my skin feels completely stripped and tight once rinsed. Cleansing with oil however removes all of the makeup and dirt without stripping the skin and leaving it dry.

If you read my post about my previous skincare routine, you know how much I love exfoliating my skin. When I started using the sensitive two-step cleansing system from Erno Lazlo, I realized the need to exfoliate so often was no longer there. The oil and cleansing bar combined gently and effectively broke up all of the stuff that I usually had to scrub away with a physical exfoliator. None of my pores have been dark or clogged since I’ve been using these products, and my skin feels more plump and full. I’ve had no blackheads, blemishes, flaking, or itchiness, either. Some nights after cleansing with this system, my face doesn’t even feel like it needs extra moisturizer.

Dr. Erno Laszlo’s formulas have been caring for the skin of such beautiful faces as Jackie O. and Audry Hepburn since 1927. The rapid improvement in my skins appearance and feel is a huge testament to the research and care that goes into each product. These products work.

The Erno Laszlo site can be shopped by product type or skincare concern, and they even have a survey you can complete to help you understand what types of products your skin would benefit from. They have masks and serums and lotions and everything your skin may need. The kit I showed above was sent to me by Influenster. It sells on their site as a travel set for $28. The full size oil is 6.6 fl oz. for $58, and their full sized cleansing bar is $38. Just under $100 seems pretty steep just for a face cleanser system, but I’m seriously considering replacing my oil for now  and using the remainder of the bar. The price isn’t enough to deter me from the purchase because of what a huge difference these products have made for my skin. If I decide to purchase the system on my own I will definitely let you know about it.

Have you tried any Erno Laszlo products before? What do you think about this two step cleansing system?

As always, much love


The products discussed in this post were sent to me compliments of Influenster in exchange for a full and honest review. Although I received these products at no charge, this post is not sponsored and all statements above are my own. 

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