Sun Kissed Beauty: Brush Cleaner

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I hope you’ve had a chance to catch up on some of my other blog posts. I’m working on keeping my posts coming consistently for you all, but sometimes illness gets in the way of that.

I recently ran out of my Pink Poison brush cleaner in between restocks, and wasn’t able to purchase any. My brushes had taken a pretty good beating during October because of Halloween. I was putting out so many looks that all of my brushes were totally dirty. So I took a chance and ordered a brush cleaner from Sun Kissed Beauty, another small business I learned of via Twitter. I think I chose this brand because one of their brush cleaners is called Mermaid Tea, and I absolutely love mermaid related things. This review will mostly be a comparison to the Pink Poison brush cleaner, because that’s my favorite product and I now have super high standards for brush cleaner. I really hope you decide to read my review on them, because it’ll help you get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Sun Kissed Beauty is run by Sarah. I’ve watched her on Twitter for some time, and she always interacts and responds to her customers and followers. She’s a kind, professional presence there. Her site is easy to use, and has listings for jewelry, cosmetics, and skincare at very affordable prices. Her brush cleaners come in white/Cloud Nine, pink/Love Potion #9, and blue/Mermaid Tea. She also has lip scrubs and lip balms in various flavors, which I will be trying very soon. I have my eye on a couple of her chokers, too.

I placed my order, and received my order confirmation email on October 28 after midnight.20161116_111900 I received my order on November 2 – that’s a 3 business day turnaround. I love fast service! This is the invoice along with a handwritten note from the owner. She is very sweet.

The evening of November 2 I started cleaning almost every brush I own. I used up most of the product, but got the water to run clear from each brush and sponge.

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I want to give a reminder that makeup and beauty products are intensely personal, and everyone likes different things. I like this product because it smells amazingly beautiful, is super affordable, and it works. But, it doesn’t work as well for me as Pink Poison does.

I had to really work the product into each brush and sponge so my hands got very tired. As I’ve mentioned on my blog, and specifically in my Pink Poison post, I have chronic pain issues that affect my hands really badly. Agitating small objects like these with my hands is very painful, which is why I like Pink Poison. You can just swirl your brush in the solution and rinse the makeup away. No rubbing really required. With Mermaid Tea, I really had to work at getting product out of my applicators, and even when the water ran clear, not all of the pigments and remnants of product was washed away. You can see in the photo especially of the sponges that not all of the makeup washed out.

One more point I’d like to make: Pink Poison actually makes my brushes dry faster than they would on their own. In three hours, they’re usually dry. Mermaid Tea didn’t speed up drying time at all, and I was actually left with wet brushes and sponges well into the evening of the next day.

If you like fast service, and use your brushes for normal every day use, and not highly pigmented Halloween makeup, this brush cleaner would work perfect for you. I really do recommend it for gentler use. I just prefer a different product due to the amount of wear my brushes endure. I will most certainly be a repeat customer of Sarah’s, because like I said: I need to get my hands on her lip scrubs, balms and jewelry. I really like how professional and kind she is while conducting business, and that turnaround time for delivery is absolutely phenomenal.

Have you tried any of Sun Kissed Beauty’s products? What did you think? Please let me know if there’s another small business you found that I have to try!

With much love


The above statements are entirely my own, and I am not receiving any compensation for any of the products mentioned. I purchased these items with my own money, and am not being sponsored to discuss them. 


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