My First PINCHme Box

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my blog! October was one of my busiest blogging months yet because of my extra birthday items. I hope you enjoyed Halloween, and got to check out some of the looks I updated to my Instagram.

As you know by now I love samples, freebies, giveaways, and all that good stuff. I found 20161018_171715.jpgPINCHme around the same time I started using Influenster (check out my first experience with them here), and finally got my chance at some samples this month. PINCHme sends out samples to its users based on the information they provide in surveys, in order to give feedback to their clients. It’s pretty cool, because there is always a huge variety of samples to choose from. This is what they matched me with.

Popcorners Chips: Carnival Kettle

The first thing I tried directly out of the box was the Pop Corners chips. They had big crunch and a lot of flavor, which is important for me in a snack. The carnival kettle flavor was a perfect balance of a little salty and a little sweet. The bag is the perfect serving size, and only has 110 g of sodium and 120 calories. It is a better choice over some of my regular chip snacks.

In fact, the brand is dedicated to using no GMO’s and all of their snacks are gluten free. They even use crops from domestic sources (Nebraska). It seems like a nice brand to support, and since they have quite a few flavors of these, people who need gluten-free snacks have a new tasty option. I’d love to try the other flavors, and will definitely be buying more of these.

Scotch Brite Non-scratch scrubbing dish cloth

I also received the Scotch Brite scrubbing dish cloth, and surprisingly I fell in love. I’m very particular and don’t usually like thinner dish cloths to wash with, but loved this one. One side is your standard tightly woven cloth, but on the other side has the scrubbers and I’m hooked. You probably know by now that I suffer from chronic pain, and my hands are constantly giving me trouble. Washing dishes sucks as it is, but doing it with hands that don’t work very well is really frustrating. This cloth actually made my dish washing go faster because the little scrubbers seemed to do all the work for me. I think I’ll be purchasing more of these.

Greenies Pill Pockets: Chicken Flavor

If you don’t follow me on other social media sites, you may not know that one of the little critters in my home (I have 3) is my dog named Spots. His regular treats are the Greenies Dental Treats to keep his mouth and breath clean, so we were already familiar with the brand.

He takes flea and tic medication as well as heartworm medication, and is always pretty suspicious of his pills. If we don’t carefully mix them in with his food, he’ll eat around all around them. These pill pocket not only made him think it was treat time, but he ate the whole thing so fast he didn’t even notice I was giving him medicine. These seem like a tasty way to deliver medicine to even more suspicious pups, too. Since the first ingredient listed is chicken, these would be a healthy alternative to giving doses inside human food like peanut butter or bread. I’ll be buying some more of these for Spots when his sample bag is empty.

I received three products in my box I had never tried before and didn’t even know I needed. In exchange for providing honest feedback via PINCHme’s site, I received these items for free. I can’t wait to see what else they send my way, and you can count on me to let you know all about it. Are you thinking about trying PINCHme?

Thank you for reading! With much love



All of the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. I received these products in exchange for providing my opinions on

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