Empties – October 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I hope you’ve been finding some good stuff in my posts – I’ve been working extra hard to keep content coming your way.

This time we’ll start a new series, where I describe a product I used up, and tell you all about what it was like using it! I hope you enjoy!


Julep Fluid Eye Glider: jet black

I briefly tried the Julep Maven subscription box earlier this year, and never seemed to have much luck with it. Powder products would always arrive broken and all over my other items. It was more expensive than Ipsy as well ($24.99/month), so I wasn’t too keen on continuing my subscription. One of the items I received that I did like, however, was this fluid eye glider. It sells on their site for $20, so it’s definitely the most expensive eyeliner I own (you know I like saving my money). The applicator is one of the felt-tip types, so precision was not an issue. The liner itself had a pretty good wear time. It stayed put, even in my water line, and was nice and black. I don’t think, however that I’ll be buying this again. Although this product is cruelty free, there are just too many affordable options *cough Wet n’Wild* that work just as well. Goodbye to this one.

Deep Steep Pure Coconut Oil Hand Wash

One thing I haven’t discussed much on my blog is my weird love for scented hand soaps. 20161018_220402When I visit TJ Maxx, I never skip over the bath and beauty sections, because they always have really cool and really unusual products to try. This soap was $2.99, so I had to buy it, and when I got it home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s vegan and cruelty free. I did a little research and all of their products are cruelty free, but some contain honey (so they are not all vegan). Although my skin is not particularly fond of coconut oil on it’s own, I do love the scent and other properties of coconut, so I knew I’d love this one.

The soap is super bubbly (because there are sulfates in it) and the 20161018_220353.jpgscent is light and fresh. My hands are always dry, and since I tend to visit the bathroom frequently, washing them repeatedly doesn’t help my skin. This soap never left my hands feeling dry or stripped; just soft and clean.

If I get the chance, I’d love to repurchase this, and maybe try their coconut pineapple, and coconut vanilla versions. It’s listed on their site for $11.95, which isn’t bad, but I prefer to visit TJ Maxx again to see if it’s in stock, before paying over 3 times the price. See you soon, Deep Steep!

Bath & Body Works 24 hour moisture Ultra Shea body cream: Sweet Pea

My boss was kind enough to give us some Christmas gifts last year. I’m not sure what exactly I got from her, but I remember getting this body cream and some sparkling hand 20161027_131457.jpgsanitizer, both smell amazing and are from Bath & Body Works. She had perfect timing because I really needed some good lotion for work. I hadn’t found one that I really liked because I’m frequently touching paper and washing my hands. This body cream smells amazing and is super thick and moisturizing without leaving your skin feeling tacky, sticky, or oily. I have a feeling the fragrance in this irritated the weird rash I had on my hand a little, but I really like the formula other than that. This almost lasted me a whole year, and that’s applying to my hands anywhere from 1-3 times during my work day. I’ve always been a Bath & Body Works fan, so I will definitely be repurchasing (maybe in an exciting new scent). These normally retail for $13, but they’re always having buy one get one’s and other good sales. If you’re a fan of them you definitely need to sign up for their emails so you know when to shop for the best deals. I’ll be shopping them soon, since it’s almost Christmas!

Pink Poison Cosmetics

If you haven’t heard about Pink Poison, please read my brand review on them. It really says it all, and my enthusiasm for their products has not lessened. Each bottle lasted me about a month. There will be a restock soon (November 11), you can bet I’ll be stocking up. I don’t ever want to run out of this stuff again. I won’t include too many additional details here, since I did write a full review on the brush cleaners, but I absolutely love everything about them. This product really made me feel pampered and it was nice knowing my brushes were being taken care of the proper way. I can’t wait to try the lip scrub I ordered from them as well! Look for that review soon.

What products have you used up recently? Did you love them? Will you be purchasing again?

Let me know!

With much love


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