Birthday Beauty Items

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I hope you enjoyed all of my September posts, because I really enjoyed preparing them for you.

This month will mean a few more posts than usual because I received some gifts for my birthday and some extra items than usual that I have to tell you all about.


I’ll start off with a gift that came pretty early in the month. It was sent anonymously via my Amazon wish list, so I can’t send thanks directly but I hope whoever sent it knows how happy it made me. The feeling of someone sending you something so thoughtful without wanting anything in return, really made my day.

Lime Crime Velvetines: Cement

Whoever chose this color for me has some talent. I absolutely love this color. This is a deep, cool-toned gray liquid matte lipstick and it’s exactly the gray color I’ve been looking for! It has a slight chocolate/cake scent that goes away when the product dries. The product seems to have some problems drying if it’s applied with a heavy hand. If it doesn’t dry right, wear can get a little uncomfortable as the formula gets pretty sticky. Every time I have used it, wear time has lasted about 4 hours. My lips don’t get crackled or dry, but it can get a little patchy, again from not ever drying right. The packaging for this and other Lime Crime products looks really original and colorful, and I really love it.

As I hope you’ve seen so far in my blog, giving you information that will help you make better purchasing choices for you is always a top priority of mine. Whether I paid for an item on my own or not, I will always tell you as much of the story as I can, and this is no different. I want to state again my thanks for receiving this gift, and regardless of my feelings for the brand, I really love my lipstick.

Lime Crime is not a brand I’m usually vocal about, but I have never been a fan. I don’t want to take up too much space in my blog with all of the details, but I’ll give you an overview.The owner Doe Deere has the most horrible reputation of anyone in the industry aside from Jeffrey Star. Her list of offenses range from deplorable business practices with the potential to actually harm people, racism, and overall poor treatment of her customers. The claims of being a vegan and cruelty-free brand are probably false, based on their history. If you type the brand name into Google, you wouldn’t have to search very deep to learn some of the specifics yourself, which I urge you to do. It’s always important to gather your own information before passing judgment. As far as I’m concerned though, a good product experience and some pretty packaging is not enough to make me buy anything from this brand.

(Whew, now that that is out of the way)

If you’d like to purchase this Velvetines lip color, Lime Crime has actually lowered the price on this shade from $20 to $16 on their site.

The Balm Cosmetics The Luminizer: Mary-Lou Manizer

The second item in my gift is an item I have been wanting to try since I learned what highlighter was. I’ve read and seen some really positive reviews about this item, and couldn’t wait to try it for myself. My first impression was this formula is a little drier than some of the other highlighters I’ve tried, but application was not any different. The differences don’t end there, either. The effect from this illuminator is unlike any other I’ve worn. The glow seems to come from within your skin, as opposed to your skin reflecting outside light. Instead of shimmery or shiny, my skin actually seemed to glow! For those that are looking for the most natural effect, this will be your best bet.

I’ve always been a fan of The Balms packaging. The retro look is very cute, and all of their product names are clever ways to tie it in. I don’t have anything negative to say about this well-known brand. They don’t test on animals, but may contain some ingredient items that are animal byproducts, so they can’t be considered vegan. Mary-Lou Manizer can be purchased on its own (8.5 grams of product) for $24, or as part of The Manizer Sisters 3-shade set for $28. I’m not sure what the weight of each pan is in the 3-shade set, but they are smaller than the individual ones.

$30 Ulta Birthday Haul

I got some money for my birthday that I tried really hard not to spend all in one place (Ulta), but I did manage this little haul that only cost me $30!


Ulta Shower Gel: Tahitian Waters

I usually never purchase shower gel (because I love my Caress bar soap) unless it’s a scent I cannot resist. I love this scent Ulta created for the summer, and I had purchased the bronzer when it first released. This is the most natural-smelling clean scent I’ve ever used, and I knew I had to purchase this $3 clearance item (sold regularly for $9.99).

Ulta Super Blender: 3 mini sponges

I’ve been wanting to buy some of these mini beauty sponges since I first saw them. I have since returned them, though. When I opened the package I was greeted by a really strong paint-thinner smell. It makes me wonder what materials they used to manufacture these. I paid  $5.99.

NYX Matte Lipstick: Strawberry Daiquri/MLS22 20161007_142235

I already have a handful of these lipsticks from NYX, and just wanted this color to add to my collection. Their matte lipsticks are super creamy and moisturizing true mattes. The terra cotta colors really work perfectly for my skin because they look very natural on me. I paid $5.99.

Eylure London Mink Effect Lashes: Luxe Gilded20161007_143628.jpg

I’ve never noticed this brand of lashes, but discovered it on Ulta’s Halloween lashes display. These look like a higher quality version of the Fright Night: Mesmerizing lashes that were recommended by a beauty guru on twitter. The band looks a little thicker than I’m used to with my Ardell or Kiss lashes, but not as thick as the Vegas Nye bands. I liked that they included a little picture to show you what they look like on. I’ll report back about look and comfort once I give them a try. Since I usually wear Ardell or Kiss lashes which are super affordable, these are my most expensive lashes ever. Even so, I only paid $12.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Midnight Cowboy 20161007_135200.jpg

This is my first single UD shadow I own. I have the Gwen Stefani palette (review will come soon), and I really like that formula so I knew I’d love this one. This was my free birthday gift for being an Ulta Rewards member. This shadow is very pigmented and super glam (except for the color name). It’s a shimmery champagne color with silver glitter. I can’t wait to do a look with it!


20161013_095327I’ve had my eye on these lashes for a while, and had them on my Amazon wish list. They are really full but still natural-looking, and the fact that they’re made from real human hair really interested me. I wore a pair on a Saturday to test out their comfort and I couldn’t even feel them! My sister Julia sent me a stack of 6 pairs of these, so I will never run out. I’m super excited to have gotten these.

My mom gave me some birthday money so I was able to buy a few pretty sweaters for winter. I already have pants and boots, so all I need to get now is some leggings. I can’t wait to show you the coat I bought myself from Attitude clothing, too. I may do a separate post for these and other non-beauty related items I picked up for my birthday. There are also quite a few things that are being shipped to me, so I’ll be sure to share those once I receive them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the things I got spoiled with. Keep your eyes open because I will have some Top 5’s posts going up soon.

As always, much love


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