The Carli Bybel Palette

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I hope you had a chance to check out my Current YouTube Faves list, because one of the channels mentioned is Carli’s. I “discovered” Carli earlier this year, although I know she’s been a YouTube star for (six?) years. I’ve watched so many of her videos, though, it seems like I’ve been following her for much longer.

I like Carli because she is a calming and inspirational presence on camera. She instructs in a way that makes me feel inspired and confident to recreate her looks. That was actually how I realized I needed her palette. The looks she was creating with it were so simple but so flattering. She chose colors she loves along with shades that look good on all skin tones.

Although I had never heard of BH Cosmetics before I watched her First Look video, she had me immediately sold. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, I hope you watch. I was a new viewer at the time, and her speech made me teary because I could tell she really values her viewers. Her sweetness is genuine. She made a commitment to keeping her palette affordable so everyone that wanted one could purchase. She is responsible for correcting my misconception that makeup is only good quality when it’s expensive.

I finally purchased my palette in June, and I haven’t put it away since it arrived. This is my go-to palette, period. Instead of swatches I’ll discuss each shade individually. There are 5 mattes, and 9 shimmer shades – two of which are almost duo-chrome shades. I’ve seen a lot of comments from people that the shades are too similar or the same, but they’re not! Especially under different lighting, each shade definitely has it’s own characteristics.


  1. (Matte) This is the perfect shade to set primer/concealer/paint pot/base
  2. (Shimmer) pink champagne color
  3. (Matte) This is my perfect transition shade
  4. (Matte) a deeper version of 3, to help provide more depth
  5. (Matte) my favorite shadow shade in the palette
  6. (Shimmer) this is my favorite shimmer shade. It looks like a plain beigy-taupe color, but it’s really a rose gold with a bronze shift. It’s so beautiful.
  7. (Shimmer) a more straightforward rose gold
  8. (Shimmer) the perfect copper shade with more rose overtones
  9. (Shimmer) another copper with more of a bronze overtone
  10. (Matte) I like that the deepest shade in the palette isn’t black, but this burnt brown color
  11. (Shimmer) this is the perfect basic baby pink highlighter shade
  12. (Shimmer) this seems to be the perfect balance between 2 and 6 – there’s the pink of 2 with the shift of 6.
  13. (Shimmer) this would be a beautiful bronze highlight for someone with really deep skin. Can also be used as bronzer for lighter skin tones. Its a perfect balance between 7 and 9.
  14. looks the same as 9, but is actually brassier (more on the yellow side)

When I say I haven’t put this palette down, I mean it. I use it when I’m not up for planning an outfit to coordinate my eye makeup with (which is most days), and I’ve used it for two separate shoots. Both of the photos below feature my recreation of Carli’s Gigi Hadid look.


Photo by Malik Daniels


Photo by Albert Watson

I included the photo by Mr. Watson even though it is not in color and my face is covered in hair, because you can see the beautiful shimmer of the eye shadow.

All 14 shades are creamier than the shadows in the bigger 120-color palettes (I review one of them here). But like BH’s other shadows, they blend easily and have very rich pigmentation.

The packaging really drew me in because I had never seen a white palette before! It’s very chic, just like Carli. Because the price point is so low, the cardboard packaging is to be expected, but it’s sturdy enough that I think it will last the life of the palette (which doesn’t look like it will be too long, because I use it so much). The mirror inside is usable, too (it’s reflective and a good size), which is always a plus.

Originally the palette was only available directly from the BH website, but you can now purchase from Ulta as well! No matter where you decide to purchase, Carli was able to keep the price at only $14.50. If don’t have this palette you do need it. It covers so many bases (eye shadow, highlight, bronzer), and is great for all ages, skin tones, and skill levels. I love it so much! I guess it took me so long to review it because it was already a staple in my beauty routine by the time I started this blog – I hadn’t even thought of reviewing it!

What are some of your beauty or makeup staples? Please tell me! I’d like to tell you all about them, if I’ve tried them. If I haven’t – maybe I need to!

With much love, as always


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