Current YouTube Faves

Hello everyone, and happy Autumn! I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the content I’ve been sending your way. Did you get to check out the photo my beautiful friend Yazmin took of me in the “Kae” choker?

Did you know this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and after my birthday (7th), World Mental Health Day (10th)! YouTube is one of the tools I’ve come to utilize in my self care routine, so I thought I’d let you all know the channels I’m really into on YouTube right now. I hope that you will find something in my list that interests you. These are the channels I tend to go back to no matter what. Let’s start with makeup, shall we? These individuals do not produce videos solely about makeup, but that’s what I tend to visit them for most often.

phototif Tiffany Owens Tifjef069

Tiffany is one of my most recent YouTube finds, and I’ve already binged on so many of her videos. Although she can be swayed to purchase something another YouTuber recommends, she is not afraid to give us her honest opinion on it. She really knows her stuff, and can be the voice of clarity and reason in a head full of want-to-buys.

photo1.jpg Carli Bybel CarliBel55

Carli was one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to. She’s been around a while, and is incredibly talented at teaching creating, and showing how to create a makeup look. When I want a specific thing explained well and quickly, I go to her channel. I’ve used her Gigi Hadid look several times for a glowy, natural look for photo-shoots.

photo  Tati Westbrook GlamLifeGuru

Tati’s first line in her About Me section reads simply “I’M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP” and she is not joking. This lady has so much makeup! And she can tell you about all of it. If you’re looking for a review on something, she’s got it.

Some honorable mentions for tutorials:

photo2 Aaliyah Jay MsAaliyahJay    photo3.jpg Leyla Rose MakeupByLeylaa

14125494_1101201806622414_5447174552540114360_o.jpg Hailie Barber HailieBarber  photo4 Allyiah Gainer AllyiahsFace

untitled2.png Taylor McGaughey TaylorMcGaughey

My next category could also be considered under the makeup umbrella, but these two accounts stand out from the others. They’re so damn educational. I can’t watch one of these channels without learning something.

photo5.jpg Makeup Geek Marlena at MakeupGeekTV

Makeup Geek is one of my favorite brands, and their channel doesn’t disappoint either. Marlena has created an educational channel to make the Makeup Geeks more knowledgeable about everything makeup! And she is a lot of fun to watch.

photo6 Stephanie Nicole MsStephNic

Stephanie was an instant favorite of mine when I discovered her channel just a few months ago. Her videos are far from your typical beauty guru’s. She breaks down every little aspect of whatever she’s talking about. Since she works in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, she has a ton to teach us. I aspire to be like her in this blog: informative, honest, and straight to the point.

This last section has the rest of my favorites that don’t fit into the makeup category. These accounts upload at least once per week, so I never run out of things to watch.

photo9.jpg FailArmy

If you’re not familiar with “fail” videos, you’re missing out. FailArmy has a whole bunch of different series within their channel to keep you entertained. Go. Watch.

photo8 Dark5TV

Top fives are probably the most popular type of video across all of YouTube. Dark5 will creep you out and mystify you while teaching you a lil something. Plus their videos are always set to the coolest music.

photo7.jpg Rob Dyke TheRobDyke

I left Rob’s station until the end because it’s my favorite. He has some hilarious comedy mixed in perfectly with some really bizarre and sometimes terrifying subject matter. And. I. Love. ALL. Of it!!

I hope you found something in my list that you didn’t know you needed, and are heading over to check out some of these awesome people now! If you decide to subscribe, please tell them Feliz sent you <3.

Enjoy. Take care of yourself.

With much love


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