Profusion Insider Box #2

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I hope you’ve been enjoying my makeup looks and all my new posts. Have you had a chance to check out my model portfolio yet? It’s a new page I added to my site! What about my first full-face addition to Makeup Looks – Movies Edition?

Today I am excited to share with you my review of the Profusion Insider box I received for this month. They really sent me all the bells and whistles this time. I had so much fun testing everything out, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The first item I was really excited about was the 6 Velvet Matte Lipstick Set.


My first impression of the lipsticks was that they’re not completely matte, they smell amazing, and the colors are really rich. When I used them for a look I wore all day (see the end of the post) I noticed that they are one of the most moisturizing lipsticks I’ve ever tried. They were very comfortable, and had a good wear time (over 4 hours, even after eating). This is a pretty good range of colors, an as the packaging says, these colors blend really well to create custom colors and ombre looks. The fragrance of the lipstick is very light and clean, and they don’t have a chemical taste if you happen to get some in your mouth. I’m sold on these, and you will be too when you hear the price: this set is listed at $6.99 on Profusion’s website! That’s less than $1.20 per lipstick!

The next item I was excited to try was the Treasure Box.



The Treasure Box contains 35 eyeshadows, 10 lipstick shades, an eyeliner, two blushes, and a highlighting and contour shade. You k now I’m not a fan of brushes that come with sets like this, so we’re going to pretend they’re not there (they now live in the trash).

When I received my shipment, everything was intact except for the contour pan, which had broken slightly, but not enough to were I lost the whole product. The shades are perfect for my skin tone. I was really surprised to find that the eyeshadows were pigmented and blendable with minimal fallout. Cheaper shadows never seem to perform very well, but these do! I was very happy with them. The blush shades are great alone, or mixed together. I’ve always been a fan of Profusion’s eyeliner pencils, so this one is a great replacement for some older ones I’ve almost used up. The lip colors are neither here nor there for me, because I don’t like using lipsticks that you have to apply with your finger/brush. They’re just so inconvenient, I’d rather have a lipstick or liquid form with an applicator. I will say, though that this range of shades is great, especially if you don’t mind these types of lip color. Their formula was a little thicker than the matte lipsticks I received in the set mentioned above, and had about the same wear time. I can’t wait to get a Z palette to place all of these pans, though because it’s just a huge flimsy plastic insert. This box would be a great gift, especially since it only costs $12.49! 20160916_18164420160916_18175120160916_182840

Finally, this month, I received the Precise Eyes 6 Precision Paint Gel Eyeliner set. I had high expectations for these, since I’m a fan of their pencil eyeliners. The metallic/shimmer shades in bronze, gold, rose gold, and  beige shimmer liners work really well. They don’t have great wear time in the lower lash line, however. The black and brown shades would be great for smudging and creating smoky looks when layered with another liner, but just don’t have enough pigment or boldness to be great as liners on their own. I don’t think gel is an appropriate word for these, as they are very hard, and take a lot of warming up to actually begin to transfer color (which is why my swatches were so messy – I had to keep going over them to get pigment). I was a little disappointed with the performance of these. If you purchased this set, even just for the four shimmer shades, the $6.99 pricetag wouldn’t make you regret it.

Overall my box this month was a really great addition to my blog and my makeup collection. Aside from the broken contour shade, two matte gel liners and the lip colors in the pans, I will use each of these products until they run out. The lipsticks have actually become my new favorite shades to grab when I’m not sure what I feel like wearing for the day. I can’t wait to see what they send me to try next!







The look above was created mostly with Profusion products! Brows were created using the brow booklet I received in my first Insider box. Lips were creating using my new Velvet Matte Rouge Stick in the darkest color, some matte and shimmer shadows from the Treasure Box, and blush from the Treasure Box! Highlighter is the shade Equinox from the Sleek MakeUp Solstice highlighting palette. You can check out my review on this product here. Liner is Laura Mercier tightline cake eyeliner in Black Ebony. BB cream is NYX in BBCR 02/Natural. Concealer is em by Michelle Pham in medium neutral/cool.



I received all of the items pictured above from Profusion Cosmetics in exchange for my complete and honest review. Although I received free products, all of the opinions and statements contained in this post are my own.

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