Vegas Glitz Co

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope you checked out my previous post on The Kae Way, and got a chance to order your own handmade choker from her!

Today’s post is yet another small business I discovered via Twitter. Vegas Glitz caught my eye because they are vegan and cruelty free! You all know how important that is to me. I made my first purchase after admiring their products for quite a while. I was able to participate in the 2 for $12 highlighter deal. I purchased two of the more popular colors: Jackpot (left) and Stripper Glitter (right).

My swatches are pretty underwhelming, but let me tell you: I’ve gotten so many questions and compliments when I wear these. People want to know what I use and where I got it! I love Jackpot because it has both really fine shimmer combined with larger pieces of gold glitter. I use it when I want some sparkle, and use it with a brush dampened with setting spray when I want a more intense golden highlight. Stripper Glitter is that perfect highlight for putting all over your face. I sure have! This is one of those really densely packed illuminators that give you that perfect skin glow. It’s also the perfect shade that anyone with any skin tone can use. These highlights are really soft and don’t need a heavy hand to swatch or use.

I ordered my items through their Etsy shop on 8/11, and received my order confirmation on 8/31. My item was delivered on September 3! This may seem like a long process to some, but let me reiterate the statement that I made in my Crushed Diamonds Cosmetics review:

Let me explain a little about how this works. This brand is run by one person, which means running the shop and Twitter pages running smoothly, responding to comments, hand-making each quality item, and processing orders and shipping entirely alone.

Waiting for handmade products always takes longer than mass-produced items. Let’s say it again for the impatient: When you order a product like this you sacrifice immediate shipment for a completely custom, handmade item that comes straight from the maker. I know people complain about shipment times. In my opinion, if you are unwilling to wait for shipment you need to order from elsewhere. VegasGlitzCo customers, however, will continue to shop with them and wait an extra few days because they know exactly what kind of amazing product they will get.

I’ve already made another purchase from them! They were having a $4 sale on certain highlight colors. I was sold when I saw Midnight Glitz, a lavender color. I received this highlight yesterday, and since my last purchase, VegasGlitzCo has improved their already great packaging. Each highlight now comes in a silver container inside a pretty pink drawstring bag you can reuse for anything, (I will probably use mine for jewelry).


Here’s a quick note for anyone buying single pans of glitters, eye shadows, highlights, etc.: please make sure to keep them in a magnetic palette so they don’t break. Midnight Glitz and Stripper Glitter weren’t pressed as tightly as Jackpot. I hadn’t had a chance to put Midnight Glitz in my palette before photographing, and it broke, so this is what it looks like now. I contacted the company via twitter just to inform them, and they were nice enough to remind me to put these in a palette, and offered me the option of a discount code should I need one. My highlight isn’t totally lost – I can still use it as a loose powder, so I’m not upset about it.

I hope you check out the VegasGlitzCo Etsy shop, because they have some really cool and unique items. They also have a beautiful palette titled Wicked, that is only $28! I have my eye on that one. Have you tried anything from them yet? Is there another small brand you’ve discovered that you think I need to check out? Let me know! You know where to find me :).

As always, the photos and opinions in this post are my own. VegasGlitzCo did not ask me to write this review, nor did I receive any compensation for doing so. I purchased the items from this company with my own funds.

I love you!



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