The August Goodies

Hello, everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Movie/TV inspired makeup looks. This month was a struggle for me in terms of my health, so my creativity has suffered. I’m feeling much better now and got some other annoying things taken care of, so I feel confident I’ll have new looks to add to that post very soon.

I’ve gotten my hands on some cool new affordable products this month that I want to share with you. We’ll start off with some lipstick.

I have had a hard time finding an affordable, cruelty free lavender lipstick, and was so happy when I found Kiss’s Ruby Kisses lipsticks. I ordered Lavenderism and Lilac, and I love them both. I have been layering them together, under a nude color, or wearing them alone, and I love them each way. The formula of this lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing for a matte lipstick. Since it is so moist, it is not completely matte like a lot of others are, but it’s not shiny like a regular cream formula. These have a long wear time, and even once they’ve worn off you can still see color on your lips. This lipstick has no fragrance, so Kiss lipsticks would be a good choice for those who are sensitive to that sort of thing. The packaging is cute, and custom for each color. They are listed on Kiss’s site for $2.99 each, and they have a ton of different, bright, bold colors. At that price, it wouldn’t be expensive to get the whole collection (which is tempting!). Before finding these items through a Google search, I didn’t realize Kiss made products other than lashes and glue-on nails. Turns out they have an entire collection of cosmetics and other beauty tools as well. All of their stuff is reasonably priced, also, so if you’re looking for something new, you should check them out.

Another new (to me) item I finally got my hands on is the Sleek Makeup Solstice highlighting palette. I’ve seen so many bloggers and YouTubers talking about this palette, and since I love highlighter so much I had to buy it. Ecliptic (top left corner) is a cream that works great alone, or as a base for the other colors. The other three are smooth, soft, and easy to apply powders. My glow has been perfect ever since I started using this. I don’t feel like my swatches above do justice to the glow it gives, but you can do a google search and see all of the great looks artists have achieved using Solstice. I love everything about this palette (except for 1 insignificant thing). But I really don’t like the little brush they included with it. It’s one of the cheap brushes generally included for blushes. The bristles are pretty rough and dense, and began shedding immediately after removing it from its plastic. Other than that, this palette is perfect. The packaging is beautiful and sturdy. Sleek Makeup is finally shipping all items internationally, so you can get this directly from the site for less than $14! I’ve been tempted to try their Midas Touch highlighting palette as well, so I’ll keep you posted if I decide to do so.

Although Sleek Makeup is cruelty free, they isn’t entirely vegan, but they do have a pretty good list of what is and is not. You can find that list in this blog post by Rebekah. According to these lists, it looks like the highlighting palettes are cruelty free and vegan!


The above photo is not my own.  

BH Cosmetics Third Edition eyeshadow palette is my new go-to palette. Since I own two other palettes from BH, I was confident enough to trust them with a new palette purchase. I chose the one with the most colors I needed. I feel like I chose well, especially since BH is 100% cruelty free!  There are both mattes and shimmers in this palette, and like all of the other BH shadows I’ve tried, they are smooth and easy to build up and blend out. Fallout from these is minimal. The palate itself is thick plastic, and comes in two layers, with one tray being removable. I don’t have any doubts that this will stand up to wear for the life of the products. I paid only $16 for this palette via the BH site!

I did really well in terms of purchasing cruelty free for August, don’t you think! I got my beautiful iPsy bag this month too, but haven’t had a chance to test many of the items. Keep a lookout for that post, though because it will be coming soon. I also tried out two new subscription box services this month, so I will be sharing what I thought of those with you.

Do you have any feedback for me so far? You can leave it below, use my contact form above or find me on Twitter and Instagram. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these items, or what you think I absolutely have to try next.

I’m so happy and thankful for your read!

As always,

Love – Feliz

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