Crushed Diamonds Cosmetics

Hello everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog. I hope you enjoyed my first post to my Makeup Looks – Movies Edition, and my first impression/review of Medusa’s Makeup. Hopefully you also got a chance to check out my article on Pink Poison and have decided to purchase something! They’re a small business I discovered via Twitter, and I really want them to succeed. Now that my brushes are taken care of for life, I’ve entrusted my eyelids to a new brand called Crushed Diamonds Cosmetics.

I’ve been following this glitter queen for several months, and finally got a chance to order something! Their products are vegan, cruelty and paraben free – my favorite! When I first visited the Etsy shop I was really happy to see that there was not a review with less than 4 stars. The shop is full of beautiful colors, palettes, and special combinations. Prices start at $5, and go up to $75 for a 28 pan custom palette.

Since I wasn’t looking for any specific color of glitter, I chose my favorite of the pans that were on $5 special for the day. I like to play it safe when it’s my first time buying a product. Lolita (pictured below) immediately caught my eye. This shade of pink is one of my favorites because it’s really glamorous but natural at the same time, and I have so much clothing I can pair with it.

When my product arrived I couldn’t wait to see it. It was carefully and skillfully wrapped so the product would not be damaged during shipment. Here is my light (I didn’t press hard so pigmentation is actually much denser) swatch of Lolita fresh out of the package.


My mother is my witness – I squealed when I swatched this! This is the exact consistency, pigmentation, coverage, and perfection I’ve been dreaming of in my glitter products. If you read my review of Wet n’ Wild’s glitters, or have experienced disappointment like that yourself, you know how horrible glitter products usually are. Not Crushed Diamonds, though! The formula does not feel sticky or chunky, but goes on incredibly smooth and well-distributed. There is no fallout from applying, and it stays in place with setting spray. Her ingredients are listed as glycerin, rubbing alcohol, a preservative, polyester glitter, and aloe. No mystery ingredients! I cannot wait to order more colors or maybe a palette now that I know I can trust the quality.

I made my purchase on July 24th, and forgot about it for two weeks. When I noticed I had not gotten a shipment notification, I messaged the shop via Etsy. Within an hour, I received a professional response letting me know the timeframe during which I should expect to receive my shipping information. I received the notification the next day, and received my product less than 5 days later.

While to some, this may seem like a long wait to get your product, I’d like to explain a little about how this works. Karina is currently running the brand on her own, which entails keeping her site, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages running smoothly, responds to comments via all of those outlets, hand-makes each quality item, and processes orders and shipping entirely alone.

Waiting for handmade products always takes longer than mass-produced items. Let’s say it again for the impatient: When you order a product like this you sacrifice immediate shipment for a completely custom, handmade item that comes straight from the maker. I know she’s had the issue of people complaining about her shipment times. In my opinion, if you are unwilling to wait for shipment you need to order from elsewhere. Her customers, however, will continue to shop with her and wait an extra few days because they know exactly what kind of amazing product they will get.

If you’re interested in purchasing from Crushed Diamonds Cosmetics, you need to follow her on any and all social media outlets (I linked them above). She always posts limited time sales, polls on what you want to see next, and other special offers and information. She’s very kind, and is not afraid to interact with her customers and followers.

Have you tried Karina’s glitters? Have you tried anything else from a business you found on Twitter that you think I need to try? Let me know here, on Twitter, or on Instagram!

Love you



I chose and purchased this product on my own. I did not receive any compensation for this review, and all opinions are my own.


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