Medusa’s Makeup

Hello everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog! I really hope you’ve been enjoying what you’ve read so far. I’m hoping to expand my blog a little bit to include new brands, modeling posts, and a few of my best makeup looks.

I started a new series of looks inspired by some of my favorite movies. To create my first look, I didn’t quite have everything I needed to capture the essence of the first movie I chose. You can check that out here (I don’t want to spoil the surprise!). Googling “neon red eyeshadow”, I received some promising results, but as always, I wanted some cruelty free and vegan options. This is how I discovered Medusa’s Make-Up, and I’m so excited to show you what they’re like.

This brand seems to be getting everything right. Their brand image, packaging, and products really impressed me. Lets start off with their shipment time. I placed my order using PayPal the evening of August 1, and the item shipped out the next day. I received my package the evening of August 5. That was super fast!

I can’t remember what the outer packaging was like, (I’m mostly positive it was plain) but everything inside made me so happy to see! They’ve got this edgy, pink and black theme that is super cool. I received my invoice on neon pink paper, a sticker, their Spring 2016 catalog, and my product PLUS a free brush to apply it with!

This was an impulse buy at its finest, because I didn’t even know precisely what I was ordering. All I knew was that it was the right color. The item is listed as glitter on their site, but was less like traditional glitter, and more like tiny acrylic beads. I’ve never worked with anything like this before, and don’t have the proper adhesive for it, but clear eyelash glue worked really well. The beads seemed somehow less messy than glitter, and didn’t create a ton of fallout. My eyelids are very wrinkly so I was worried that the beads would have large creases in between, but coverage was just fine. They have so many color options I’d like to try, so now that I know what to expect I can really get a little collection started. I paid $7 for my little pot of glitter, but I feel like I spent a lot less, since I got the brush too. With shipping, the purchase only cost $11.95.

Their line has everything you could think of, and their colors are super bright, original, and fun. Most of their options are vegan, and all of them are cruelty free! They do in fact monitor the ingredients they buy from elsewhere, and are committed to only using those that are cruelty free. They even have a monthly subscription box for only $15.95! You get anywhere from 3-5 products in your box, for a total value of $40. For really brand-loyal people, this would be so much fun to subscribe to, don’t you think? I am impressed with this brand so far, and I will be keeping an eye on them. I’ll also let you know if I order anything else, and how it works out.

What are some less popular brands you’ve tried that really impressed you? What brands have the best packaging in your opinion? Let me know what you think I really need to try!

Love you!


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