Makeup Looks – Movies Edition

Hello, everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog!

I hope you’ve been enjoying my blog, and the things I’ve been reviewing here. I wanted to branch out little by little to include my creative side, my modeling, and add something a little different. This particular post will be ongoing; meaning I will update it with a new look every time I’m inspired.

Before I continue, I believe a content or trigger warning is appropriate, as some of these movies contain disturbing and violent scenarios and images. Please proceed with caution.

Those of you that know me, know I love movies. There are a few out there, that I will never get tired of watching and re-watching, and watching again. I’ve always enjoyed everything about movies. I appreciate the music, the imagery, the iconic characters, and the impact they make on our culture.

This makeup looks series will feature a makeup look (mostly just eye makeup) inspired by an outfit, or specific scene from some of my favorite movies. What made me want to do this, you may be wondering? My life is enriched by some of the visuals in these films, so I’m inspired creatively, in turn. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture the essence of each of these scenes, and inspire you to watch them if you haven’t yet!

Below this line, I will be adding the most recent looks, so when you come back to this page, the newest one will always be on top. Please check back for my new looks!

Look created 11/16 posted 11/17

I saw the trailer for The Neon Demon (2016) a few months ago, and knew I just had to watch the film. A horror movie about models and the fashion industry? Sign me up! I saw it for the first time about a week ago, and I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve watched it since.

nicolas-winding-refns-the-neon-demon-dated-for-june-24th-new-photos-instagram-video-6Our main character is played by Elle Fanning, who was only 16 during filming. She plays Jesse, a young girl alone in LA trying to (and succeeding), at making it in the modeling industry. Of course, her success and beauty spark jealousy in the more experienced models, and a mesmerizing nightmare unfolds over a hypnotic score. The Neon Demon isn’t a character we get to meet, but the relationship to and obsession with beauty within the characters (and all of us). In this case, Jesse is enticed by it, transformed by it, and finally, literally consumed by it.

I really love this movie – but as you know by now, horror is my genre. Please, if you decide to watch, be aware there is cannibalistic and necrophilic content, so a huge warning needs to be attached to this one.

images7jsi43wnSomeday, I would love to do a recreation shoot inspired by this movie, but for now I’ve created this look. The entire film is like a high fashion editorial shoot, so choosing one scene for inspiration was difficult. I chose the runway scene, because that’s when Jesse allows the Neon Demon (beauty) to change her. I’ve modeled before. I’ve been on the inside of this industry (although it’s very different here than in LA), but I understand how complicated ones relationship with beauty can be. That’s what inspired this look.


For the Neon Demon’s symbol, I used some white liner from Wet n’ Wild and the indigo shade from the Take Me to Brazil Palette in an attempt to make it appear like it was glowing – like a neon light. More shades from that palette along with the Moonchild Glow Kit helped polish off the rest of the face. On my lips, I’m wearing my neon glitter beads from Medusa’s Makeup. I hope you enjoyed this one. If you watch the movie, please let me know on Twitter! We can chat about it :). Also, girls, if you want to be a model, do not do what Jesse does in the test shoot scene. Please. You should never be forced to be alone with a photographer, and they should never ask you to remove your clothing if that wasn’t something discussed beforehand.

Look created 11/7/16 posted 11/7 and 11/8

I’ve been planning this post for a little while, and couldn’t decide exactly where I wanted to go with it. Immortals blew me away the first time I saw it, and choosing a specific scene as inspiration was difficult. Filmed to mimic the renaissance style of painting, this movie is filled with beautiful images. The story itself is a mixture of mythology, history, and pure fantasy. You’ll find some familiar gods in this movie, along with the story of Theseus, who is probably based off of Hercules. I think the story struggles in some ways, which is probably the reason the movie wasn’t more well known when it released in 2011, but the beautiful and violent world director Tarsem Singh creates makes this movie worth watching.

I chose one of the promotional posters featuring goddess Athena, and a battle scene featuring Theseus as my final inspiration. My makeup was super bronzed and highlighted, and is the same in both photos, just with different lighting. 20161106_16263320161106_162449



This look was really fun to create. I just used my Elf bronzer to dramatically bronze my face, used my BH Third Edition palette for my eyes, and used my Sleek Solstice highlighting palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glowkit to add 20161106_163200shimmer everywhere. My lashes are the Eyelure lashes mentioned in this post, and brows were achieved using Ofra’s universal brow pencil. I really hope you enjoyed this look and areimages-5 thinking about seeing this movie!





Look created 10/13/16 posted 10/14/16

I’ve been struggling to find inspiration for this post. There are so many horror films I want to do looks for this month, especially because it will be Halloween, but I’m having a difficult time deciding what to do. Yesterday, YouTuber Shaaanxo posted a Valak/Nun tutorial (a look I plan to recreate soon in this post) based on a character from The annabelle-doll-headshotConjuring 2 (2016). If you scroll down to my oldest entries in this post, you’ll see the look I created for the original Conjuring (2013) movie. In the first film, we are introduced to a doll called Annabelle. Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann Doll, and the subject of the investigation of Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1971. After the success of the first film, the filmmakers released the movie Annabelle (2014), which told the complete story of the doll up until we were introduced to her in the film. Since a Raggedy Ann Doll isn’t necessarily a creepy looking doll, the production team opted for a more traditional doll figure.

I like that Annabelle (2014) isn’t what you’d expect from an evil doll movie (no Chucky-style scares). The doll itself isn’t evil; instead there is a demon that acts through the doll, making those that come across her think there is no insidious intentions behind the spirit residing within. Although Annabelle is never beautiful to look at (I’m not too fond of dolls), she of course, shows more wear as time passes in the movies. When we first meet her in The Conjuring (2013), she doesn’t look her best, and I think the wear she shows on her face is a good indicator of all of the chaos she’s caused. I chose this instance as my inspiration for this recreation. I struggled with this one. Annabelle is dirty, dented, scratched, and a difficult color to achieve, too. Here’s what I came up with.


I purchased this Cream Makeup with the intention of using it for several of my creepy Halloween looks, but I hate it. It’s so hard to work with. It seems to perform worse on primed skin, doesn’t like to blend, and can sometimes end up worse the more layers I try to use. Trying to work around its terrible formula takes some time. I used some liquid liner for the black scratches and cracks, black eye shadow for the shading, and lipstick for the cheeks and lips. Aside from my too-clean face, I think I got pretty close. Let me know what you think in the comments below! (Please I’d really love to hear your input!).

Look created 10/10/16 posted 10/14/16

I first saw The Cell (2000) when I was 10 years old. I remembered it for years afterward because of the surreal cinematography and imagery created by director Tarsem Singh. The costumes, the colors, and the sounds, all stuck with me.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve always been fascinated with serial killers. I actually started college with a major in abnormal psychology, because I was so fascinated1f2b496c8f12e79aaef9603b2d770b6b by the minds of these monsters. In The Cell (2000), Jennifer Lopez’s character Catherine is sent by the FBI to enter the mind of a comatose serial killer, and learn the location of his nearest victim before she dies. This film is violent, disturbing, and disorienting, and one that I appreciate in so many aspects.

When Catherine first enters the killers mind and encounters him for the first time, this is what she sees; a demon-like individual who is not happy about his visitor. I’ve sat on this post for a while, because I wasn’t really sure if I liked it or not. I’ll post it anyway (what the heck, right?). My work is not as clean as I’d like it for this look, but for now it will do.


Look created 9/21/16 posted 9/22/16

This is my first (movie) full face look. It was so much fun to recreate the makeup of one of the scariest characters in the Insidious series. This woman is never named in the movie, and is credited simply as: Mother of Parker Crane. We are introduced to an old woman, in the original Insidious movie, but are not aware he is actually Parker Crane attempting to dress and look like his mother until Chapter 2. She is an evil and abusive woman, and we get to see just how she turned Parker Crane into the horrible and murderous monster he is. Since the first time I saw his mother, I was somewhat mesmerized by her appearance. She is definitely beautiful, and dresses lovely. And her makeup, although ghostly, is still beautiful as well. These movies are fun to watch if you’re a horror fan, even though they have their issues. All movies do, and the second chapter in particular struggles with some plot problems. If you’re someone like me that can still appreciate the movie as a whole despite those things, you’ll enjoy this spooky one.

You don’t really get too many good looks at this character in the movie, but I was able to find an image on Google, and take my own screenshot of another scene. They’re sort of poor quality, but you can still get the idea. I used creepy and unusual lighting myself to bring out the makeup, and really get the essence of this lady. I had a blast with this one, and it really got me in the Halloween mood. I love Halloween, and am all for starting it as early as possible!


Since I had no light/white face makeup, I used the NYX eye shadow base in white (I review that product here) applied in a light layer with a dry beauty blender. I layered my Maybelline matte lipstick in Burgundy Blush over the brick red shade of Profusion Vivid Matte Rouge Stick for my lip color. Brows were done with NYX auto eyebrow pencil in black. I used BH Cosmetic’s Third Edition eyeshadow palette for my shadow and intense gray contour. Lashes are Elf, and liner is Profusion pencil liner.

Look created 9/13/16, posted 9/14/16

This look was a lot of fun to create. I’m a huge fan of Tarantino movies, so you will probably be seeing a lot of them in this series of looks. I chose Pulp Fiction (1994) first, because it seems to be the one I watch the most. Tarantino really knows how to get me with his images, so it was hard for me to choose just one from this film. Tarantino loves to tell stories in bits and pieces, and out of chronological order, and this film is no different. Pulp Fiction gives us great actors that play quite a few interesting characters in this violent story: a crime boss and his wife, hit men, a boxer, and a very strange criminal couple. Their stories all involve each other somehow, and watching everything unfold is really enthralling. Butch’s storyline is the most interesting to me, and I really love Christopher Walken, so this is the scene that made the cut.



 look created 9/9/16, posted 9/10/16

This look took a really long time to get right. I’ve been working on it for weeks, and just couldn’t measure up to what I wanted for this. Troy (2004) has been my favorite movie since it came out. I used to watch it every day during my summer breaks. The only thing I don’t like is the way the character Paris is portrayed in this movie. I cannot stand him, the things he does, and the things he says. Anyway, Brad Pitt’s performance is perfection in this film. The lines, the imagery, and the music just get me every single time I watch it. It will never get old, and I will enjoy this movie forever. Adapted from Homer’s epic poem, Troy tells the story of the Greek taking of the city of Troy. I truly believe David Benioff (screenplay) and Wolfgang Peterson (director) really do Homer justice with this film. Also, I believe this is the only character (Odysseus) Sean Bean plays that doesn’t die! HA!

There are so many iconic and recognizable images in this film, it was hard for me to choose, but I felt this scene captures a lot of the elements that make me love this movie. This is Hector and Paris returning to Troy with Helen. This scene is beautiful, strong, and the calm before the storm of war. (it’s a terrible screenshot, but the best I could do)



For this look, I used my trusty BH Cosmetics Third Edition palette and the Take Me to Brazil palette, along with my Ulta shimmer shadows and a NYX lipliner in Flower (this is the light pink color that I used to represent Helen’s parasol. I wanted the metals to represent the armor of the princes and the blues of the cloth and the sky. I really hope you love this look as much as I do.

look created 8/31/16, posted 9/1/16 

This look was a little difficult for me. I will be the first to admit that this movie has some of the worst dialogue I’ve ever seen, but the images and characters are still amazing. The special effects in this movie speak for themselves, and are some of my favorite. Although this movie was released in 2005, the graphics still hold up really well in my opinion. Constantine (2005) is based on the DC/Vertigo horror comic Hellblazer (the DC comic is now called Constantine). Since there are so many rich images within the movie I used one of the movie posters/DVD covers for inspiration. I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by the occult and anything to do with it, and these characters and their stories are no different. If you’re the type that can appreciate certain aspects of a movie while not letting others ruin it too much for you, I definitely recommend this one.


I used all BH eyeshadows to create this look. I added some Beauty For Real black liner, the NYX liquid crystal liner in Crystal Gold, and some Kiss lashes.

look created 8/13/16, posted 8/15/16

This look isn’t from a movie, but I love this show so much I couldn’t exclude it from my list. I think I’m even going to do one more look from the existing seasons, but we’ll see. Rick and Morty is a show on Adult Swim that follows the adventures of the super scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. These two travel between dimensions, freeze time, and interact with a whole bunch of really cool characters from all over the universe. Season 2 Episode 4 (Total Rickall) is just one of many amazing episodes, but it introduces my favorite character ever. His name is Mr. Poopybutthole. I don’t know what kind of creature he is, but I love how bratty he is. He makes an appearance in this episode, and in the post credit scene for the Season 2 finale. I really hope the writers use him more in the coming third season. Here he is below wearing the top hat and red shoes.


This look was created entirely with the BH Cosmetics Third Edition 120 color eye shadow palette. I also added some Kiss lashes. I will have a full review on this, my brand new palette coming up within the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for checking this look out.

 look created 8/11/16, posted 8/12/16

My second look was inspired by a very different movie than Casino. The Conjuring amazed me the first time I saw it because it was actually scary, unlike a lot of horror movies. It’s based on real terrifying events that a family experienced after moving into a new home, and the steps Ed and Lorraine Warren took to try to help them. The Warrens worked some of the most famous cases of paranormal disturbances in the world. The image below is a view of the house that recalls one of the most visually startling scenes in the movie. While the image inspired a more simple look, the movie is anything but.



To create this look I used The Delectables eye shadow palette by Laura Geller, some Coastal Scents shadows, the Wet n’ Wild palette Comfort Zone (738), and some Elf lashes.


look created 8/6/16, posted to Instagram 8/7/16

I wanted to start off with Casino (1995), a movie starring Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. It’s a story based on the book Casino, about the life of Frank Rosenthal (called Sam Rothstein in the film). “Lefty” was strongly associated with organized crime, and the film shows his life as he took control of Las Vegas before his world was torn apart by violence, drugs, love, and greed. The scene depicted below is the opening scene of the movie, which is chronologically the end of his story. I won’t give too much more away, but I attempted to capture his sense of style and the glitz of Vegas.



The final image I’ll give you related to my Casino look is a few of the products I used to achieve the main components.


I used Ulta’s Cool Effect metallic cream eye shadow, Medusa’s Make-up glitter in Neon Red, NYX Studio Liquid liner in Extreme Coffee and NYX liquid crystal liner in Crystal Gold. Not shown in the photo are some Coastal Scents shimmer eye shadows, my Ofra universal brow pencil, MakeUp Forever mascara in Excessive Lash, Kiss lashes in Ritzy, highlighter from the BH Cosmetics’ Carli Bybel palette, and some shades from BH Cosmetics’ Take Me To Brazil Palette. I had a lot of fun creating this look, and owned everything I needed except for the Medusa loose glitter. Check out my review/first impression of Medusa’s Make-Up here.

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