Some Good July Finds

Hello, everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog! I hope you enjoyed my last blog post about Pink Poison’s magical makeup brush cleaner, and I hope you’ve gotten a chance to try it for yourself! If not, don’t worry. They will be restocking this Friday.

Today’s post features some really nice, and inexpensive (of course) things I picked up in July and just can’t seem to put down. I think all of the items in this post have become my “go-tos”.

First off is Coty’s Airspun loose powder. I got a little emotional when my product arrived because the fragrance reminds me of my godmother who used this brand. I had no idea it was such an amazing product. When I started seeing all of the YouTube makeup gurus raving about it I was pretty excited to try it. The scent of this powder is pretty fragrant at first, but once it sets into the makeup/skin it’s not very noticeable it at all. Since my godmother wore it, I think I’m biased toward thinking it smells delightful, but I recognize it might be offensive to some. Since  Coty was originally a perfumer, fragrance should kind of be expected, I guess. The powder is extremely fine, and comes in eight (very light) shades.  It is neither a vegan, nor cruelty free product, unfortunately. I need to start researching those things before buying products, but I’m working on getting better at that. I had had this item on my Amazon wish list for such a long time I didn’t think twice about it. Lesson learned!

I’ve been using this to set my concealer in my under eye area, and set my BB cream in my t-zone if I’ll be moving around a lot to prevent it from melting in this hot weather. It seems to brighten my skin without adding color, which I love. If only it were cruelty-free, I’d be urging others to try it. Thankfully, there is a lot of product in the container I purchased for only $7, so it will last a very long time.


Most of you know what a huge NYX fan I am. Anytime I want to try something new, they’re my go-to. They have incredibly affordable and amazing quality products. This month, I was looking for a more natural lip color to wear with my brightest eye looks. I’ve been scared to try another liquid matte lipstick because of my experience with the Wet n’ Wild Megalast. My fears were unfounded! This matte lipstick goes on really creamy, and stays supple long enough to wipe away any mistakes. It moisturizes your lips to prevent that unattractive puckering and peeling formula of a lot of liquid mattes. It has great staying power, and I notice it even stays visible after some meals. I’ve been using it both alone, and layered over a bolder lip color to create a more muted, custom shade. As you may know, NYX is cruelty free, so I don’t have any guilt using their products. I can’t wait to buy more shades of this soft matte lip cream. At only $6 each, building a collection of these won’t make me broke, either!


The next two products are NYX as well. I ran out of my Wet n’ Wild BB cream, and had been wanting to try the NYX one. I’m so glad I did! I picked up the BBCR02/Natural color, and although it’s a tad light for me, it’s super easy to darken it with some bronzer. It has an extremely faint, fresh, powdery smell that vanishes once it dries. It’s very light, and has the consistency of an oil-free moisturizer. This BB cream perfects my skin, while making it look like I’m wearing nothing. My skin is looks so plump and glowy with this. I can’t imagine using any other BB cream ever again, and I thought I loved my old one! It’s only $13 so I won’t have to worry about spending a lot when replacing the tube.

Next, is the NYX eye shadow base. I had never used one before because I usually put primer/concealer, and set it with an ivory eye shadow before applying my colors. I have some really interesting shadows that I felt could use a little help, so I picked up the white base to try it out. This formula is really cool because you only need a thin layer, but can pack it on for something that needs extra depth to it, like with a glittery product. If you’re struggling with keeping your shadows put, you would be smart to try this, especially when it’s only $7!

Keeping with the white theme, I picked up a white kohl eyeliner from Wet n’ Wild. What I like about kohl liners, is you can use them as is, or use a angled liner brush to go over them with a special color of eye shadow, to make it appear like you have some really interesting colors of eyeliner! Another cool trend is to use the white liners on your water line to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. I plan to use it alone as a winged eyeliner. This pencil works great, and like most kohl liners it doesn’t smudge easily. This brand sells for only a dollar, so you can’t go wrong there.


I mentioned above that I sometimes need bronzer to make my look pop more. I have a bronzer stick that I received in my Profusion Insider box, but I like to use powders on days when I’m not using as much product. I’ve mentioned before, though that Elf’s products are hit or miss. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they’re really terrible, but this bronzer is the perfect shade for me to give some life to my face. It only cost me $3, so that’s a plus. While Elf is vegan “friendly” there are stipulations in their policies that make me question their cruelty free status. All that said, this is a nice inexpensive option for bronzer.


Finally are a few brushes I have been wanting to try out for some time. These have become my favorite eye shadow brushes. A lot of people have mentioned how much they like Wet n’ Wild’s brushes, so I always keep an eye out for them. The stores here are always sold out, so I bought what they had.  The plastic sleeves they come in state the brush fibers are entirely synthetic and vegan. They cost between $1 and $4, they’re really cute, and so, so soft! I used them once with my Take Me To Brazil palette which has richly pigmented shadows, and was sad to see they remained stained even after washing. But once I tried Pink Poison both the most recent color and the pigment that had stayed in from the last washing came right out. If you have these (or any other light-bristled) brushes make sure you use that cleaning solution so your pretty white bristles won’t be discolored. If these weren’t always sold out I would probably own the whole collection.

I managed some good finds for July and I did pretty well in terms of keeping things cruelty free (except for the setting powder). What did you discover in July that you’ve added to your routine? Did you try anything new in skincare last month? Let me know about them, or anything else you’d like to see here above in the contact section, below in the comments, or on Twitter or Instagram.

As always, love you! Thank you for reading!


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