My First Profusion Insider Box!

Hello everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying and benefiting from all of my product reviews. I’ve been spending almost as much time testing things as I am finding exciting stuff to test for you! Reading reviews is one of the most important ways for a consumer to educate themselves, so I want this to be a place for you to feel comfortable visiting for reviews you can trust.

I applied, and was lucky enough to be chosen as a Profusion Insider. This means they will be sending me products (oftentimes unavailable yet on the market) for review*. If you shop at Ross Dress for Less, or TJ Maxx, you’ve probably seen, or even bought some of their products. They have really nice eyeshadow palettes especially if you’re looking for dupes for things like the Naked palettes. Although I have their Bare palette, I’ve never tried any of their other products. I don’t really seem to see them in stores, so I was excited to get some items from them to review. The best part? They’re cruelty free (although not vegan) and amazingly affordable! They sent me a huge box of goodies; and I mean goodies.

This time, I made sure to photograph and swatch everything straight out of the box so I had some nice images for you!

The first thing I swatched and tried on my face was their concealer palette. I’ve never had one before, so I was excited to see what I could do with it. My first impression was that the formula was a little waxy. When I did a full face and used a tiny bit of each color I was really impressed with how they blended out and into the skin. I used the beauty blender from the highlight & contour kit, dampened with water. The product behaved more like a cream, and not waxy at all.

The first shade in the palette was perfect layered over the fourth shade in my under eye area to cover my dark circles while also brightening. On my more troublesome days the last shade would work really well too, because my circles can get pretty dark. The little brush that came in the palette is really nice. The bristles are dense and incredibly smooth for applying cream product. This palette is listed on their website for $4.99. Four-freaking-ninety nine. That’s an amazing price, don’t you think? They also have a few more concealer/correcting palettes for under $5.00. I can’t even believe it.

The next items I tried from my kit were from the highlight and contour box. (Please ignore the patchiness of my swatches on the right. The inconsistency in coverage is due to my arm hair!) Again, on my first impression I thought the formula was a little waxy. I used the sponge/blender they provided, as I did with the concealer, and was really impressed with the appearance of my skin. It was so much fun using these sticks. I’ve never had anything like them before, so I had a blast doing my face.

Below is a photo of my makeup the day I tried the concealer and highlight/contour kits. I used them all without any foundation/BB cream, and set with translucent Coty Airspun powder. My face was so sculpted and bright. I love it! (I look like I’m about to cry because it was a terrible pain day, sorry). The entire kit as pictured above is listed on their website for $9.99. Highlight (not illuminator), contour, and bronzer stick, plus a beauty blender for under ten dollars. 20160723_171453

The last kit I tried is so over the top in the best way. They sent me a book-type case full of everything I could think of that you’d ever need for brows. I’m not kidding. It contains wax, highlighter, powders, tweezers, gel, stencil kit, spoolie, double-ended brush, and a double-ended pencil! Look at how glorious it is.


I’ve always been lazy with my brow routine, mostly because I’m lucky enough that they have a good shape naturally. I just smudge my Ofra universal eyebrow pencil on them and use a spoolie to distribute the color. Other than some highlight that’s pretty much all the effort I put into them. Of course that means I had to try every single product in this kit (except the stencils, because I’m not into that).


I don’t know how they look to you, but my brows have never looked this good to me. I used the darkest end of the pencil to lightly outline the shape, filled them in using the shade of powder that matches my hair, dabbed some wax on top, combed them through with the gel, and then used the spoolie over the top of all of it, and I love how they came out. For an everyday brow look, I would probably only use a small amount of wax, over the powder applied with the flat brush. With all of these products in one, however, my brows stayed perfect all day. This kit is listed on their site for only $12.49. There are so many tools, and a good amount of actual product in the kit, so that price is really good.

This collection of products from Profusion really made me happy. I can’t wait to see what else they have to show me. Should you want to try anything of theirs out, their site will ship your order for free if it’s over $25. You can get a lot of stuff there for $25, too. Have you heard of Profusion Cosmetics, and ever tried any of their products? What did you think?

Please let me know in the comments below, in the contact link above, or on twitter what you thought of this Insider review. Don’t forget to ask me any other questions you’re wondering about makeup, chronic pain, or anything else.

Thank you so much for reading. Love you!


*the products listed above were sent for free from Profusion Cosmetics for review. Although I received these items complimentary, all of the opinions, impressions, and statements above are my own.

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