July’s Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog! I have a nice and (mostly) positive one for you today to hopefully make up for that Bunch of NO’s post. I’ve been a subscriber of Ipsy since September 2015. I really love this monthly subscription, especially because the price is only $10 for a handful of really nice product samples. As long as you review the products and complete their questionnaires thoughtfully your bag will be something you really enjoy every time. It’s so much fun to discover new brands, and try brands you’ve been admiring at such an amazing price.

I usually photograph my Glam Bag upon arrival, but this month I skipped that step. The eyeshadow I received broke already, so my photos aren’t the prettiest things to look at. Let’s take a look at that product first, shall we?


I received a lipstick by Mellow in a previous glam bag, and really loved everything about it, so I had high hopes for this shadow. After getting over my initial disappointment because I already have a lot of shadows in this color, I decided to try it out but was just further disappointed. The color doesn’t have very rich pigmentation, and doesn’t really blend well. I don’t know if this is representative of all of Mellow’s shadows, but I won’t be taking that risk by buying any of them. Also, I only carried the shadow around one day inside my makeup bag, which I am gentle with, and it shattered. Oh well, I was planning to toss it anyway. This new shadows home is now the trash bin.


The next product is proving much more high-quality. I had never heard of Bellapierre Cosmetics before Ipsy, and even received one of their blushes in a previous glam bag, which I really like everything about. Yellow or “banana” setting powders are generally used for setting concealer areas while neutralizing redness and helping to cover dark circles, but can be used to set the entire face. I had personally never used a banana powder before, so getting to use this was exciting. I’ve been applying it to set my under eye area, which is the only area I generally wear concealer on a daily basis. I conceal other areas to brighten them up when doing a more complete face, however. This powder is very fine and smooth and does the job well. I’d purchase the full-sized product priced at $35 if I ever needed to replace the sample size.


The most unexpected items in my bag were these anti-frizz sheets. I had never heard of such a thing, have you? Nunzio Saviano is listed as having one of the best hair salons in New York City, so I was expecting a lot from these, and they definitely delivered. I wash my hair only twice a week at most, because my scalp is insanely sensitive and dry. My hair itself is very fine and thinning due to illness, so it can’t take frequent washings. When my hair is clean, I tend to struggle with frizz, especially around the crown and face area. Those baby hairs up there can be incredibly stubborn. The sheets smell like other coconut leave-in conditioners I’ve tried – a little bit like coconut and a little floral. These sheets sell exclusively on Amazon at $18 for 15 sheets. They’re a good option for on-the-go.


The next product really lives up to its hyped up name. Michelle Phan is a YouTuber turned Lancôme official artist turned business woman. Just three years ago she launched her own cosmetics line. Sounds promising, right? My under-eye concealer routine seems a little involved at times. I use a color corrector, my BB cream/foundation, concealer, and powder to set, because my under-eye circles are a brilliant plum color, and nothing seems to stay put. Whew! With this concealer, I skip the color corrector, and can even skip the BB cream/foundation! It completely covers my dark circles and stays in place with any powder. Its consistency is really light and thin, so creasing or caking does not happen. It doesn’t have a weird scent, and is priced at only $17! I’ll definitely be purchasing this concealer, and checking out her other products while I’m at it.


I left my favorite product for last! I’ve tried Make Up For Ever’s equalizing primer, and loved it, but since my lashes are so difficult, I didn’t have high hopes for this mascara. When I first applied it, it actually lifted and separated my lashes. I curl my lashes after mascara application, because if I apply mascara to my curled lashes they just go straight again. I curled them like I usually do, and they stayed well. They had good separation, curl, and volume. My eyes look so bright and awake with this mascara. The only downside to this brand is that even they do not test on animals, they do buy some that have been tested on animals. The search for my perfect mascara continues, then I suppose. I’m really making a serious effort to go cruelty free.

What did you get in your Glam Bag this month? Have you tried any of these products before? What beauty or skincare products are your favorites right now? What kinds of reviews or content are you craving from me? Please let me know below in the comments, above with the Contact button, on Twitter, or on Instagram!

Love you!


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