A Bunch of NO’s

InstagramHello everyone, and welcome (back) to my blog! What did you think of my Affordable Beauty Haul? I hope it helped you with some ideas for some inexpensive items for your beauty routine.

Today’s post is my collection of products I tried and really hope you don’t buy. A couple of items were featured in June’s post. That Dr. Brandt cleanser and Wet n’Wild liquid lipstick were really horrible. Save your money, and don’t even bother with those.

The next couple of items I want to talk about are Elf products. Like Wet n’Wild, some of Elfs products are gems to add to your collection, but some are terrible. When I first discovered Elf, I purchased this little gift set that included this concealer. The concealer seemed nice at first, especially because it was the perfect color for me. It’s nice and smooth and had good coverage for specific small imperfections. But if you use it for your under eye area, it doesn’t have any staying power. It doesn’t blend well because it just comes right off. If you try to set it with powder or spray it kind of bunches up and flakes away. It’s so frustrating!

The next Elf product behaved pretty similarly. Instead having the consistency of a BB cream, this tinted moisturizer is kind of thick and has a paint-like smell. It caught my eye because of its SPF 20, but the sun protection can’t redeem this product. It’s very orangey, and the coverage it provides initially just seems to evaporate. If you do manage to layer it on it bunches up and flakes off just like their concealer. Really not a fan of this one. You’re better off spending a couple of extra dollars to buy NYX BB cream, which works perfectly.

The next face product I tried was Wet n’Wild Intuitive Blend shade adjusting foundation-primer. This caught my eye because it’s the same concept as the Almay Smart Shade skin matching makeup. When I swatched it on my hand I had high hopes. It comes out of the tube clear, which I assume is the primer, and has tiny balls of makeup which provide the color. It has a very light scent that is not unpleasant. The shade did indeed adjust to match my skin perfectly. But the problems came when I used it to do my full face. When attempting to apply concealer, or any powders on top of the foundation, it bunched up into little flakes that stuck to my skin. Attempting to put blush on my cheeks just picked up all of the product and stuck to my powder and the brush. I really don’t understand this formula at all. I won’t be wearing this ever again.


Lastly, are the biggest disappointments of all. I love glitter, sparkles, bling and shiny things, so when I saw these glitter singles from Wet n’Wild for 99 cents I was so excited to try them. Dipping my finger into them for the first time was pretty promising. The grooves of your fingertips are really good at picking up product, though, so they can be deceiving when swatching eyeshadow and in this case, glitter. I think the photo above of the swatches on my skin pretty much says it all. The glitter is held together by a gel-like substance, that bunches up and makes it impossible to get a good swatch, let alone some good coverage on your eyelids/wherever you’d use this glitter. It’s impossible to get the glitter to stay in place where you want it, and doesn’t set well even with glue. I’m not sure what they were thinking with this one, but save your money and instead buy glitter from Bulk Glitters or Star Crushed Minerals. These aren’t even worth the dollar they cost.

Now with the disappointments out of the way, I  have a blog post coming up next Wednesday with all the details of my Influenster Bonita Vox Box. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my teaser post for that one. Hint: I found a new product to add to my Skincare Trifecta! I also received my Ipsy bag, so all the details on those products will be coming very soon.

I’m having a lot of fun telling you all about the products I’ve been trying. Tell me what you’ve been trying recently in the comments below, on Influenster, via the contact button at the top of the page, or on Instagram! Have you found anything you think I just have to try? Please let me know.

-Love Feliz


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