My Super-Affordable Beauty Haul (With Reviews!)

Hello, everyone, and welcome (back) to my page! I hope you got a chance to check out my last post about my face skincare. This post I’m back with some product reviews for you. I’m saving my No’s for a separate post. I’m sad that I have so many, but the fact that I can help you save money by not buying them makes it all better!

I know a lot of my twitter follows (particularly the Spoonies) have really strict budgets, so items like $30 concealer and $40 lip products aren’t realistic. I want to make sure that I always include quality but extremely affordable products. This part of the haul (after my rewards and discounts got applied) cost less than $12!

I think my favorite item of this part of my haul has to be the Wet n’Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in 159A/Coral of the Story. The packaging is pretty sleek, and was labeled NEW. I don’t know when they were launched, but they’re new to me. I only picked up one color because unfortunately, Wet n’Wild can be hit or miss with the quality of their products. The color I picked is perfect for my summer wardrobe. It’s noticeable but also refined. The formula is perfect. It is just like a lip balm but the color lasts, hence, the stain part of the name. I ate an apple with it on and I still had good color left! I’ll be buying more of these in other colors.

The lip pencil (also Wet n’Wild) I purchased was intended to be a liner for my darker lip colors, but ended up going on my lips much lighter. The shade is 712/Willow, and is close to a terra cotta color with a glossy finish. It does its job, but doesn’t seem to have much staying power at all. I probably won’t be buying another of these liners.

The item I was most excited to try was the Wet n’Wild Megaplump waterproof mascara. As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to overhaul my products to all cruelty free products, so I thought this would be nice to try since the Elf mascara didn’t work out. The packaging was a nice eye-catching pink. But I’m very disappointed with the formula. I’m sure it’s not the wand itself, because it looks similar to a lot of mascara wands, but the product does not go on well. It didn’t plump my lashes at all as the packaging claimed, and didn’t even coat my lashes well. My product wasn’t dried out and the wand was not defective, so I think this is just a bad mascara. Maybe next time I can try a NYX mascara. Have you ever tried NYX mascara at all?

I was really pleasantly surprised with the Profusion makeup sponge. I’ve seen countless YouTubers claim that beauty blenders don’t work well unless they are The Beauty Blender, and I’m determined to prove them wrong. I won’t go too much into it, because I actually have a post planned that will be entirely about makeup sponges, how to use them, and how to care for them. If you’re interested, check back for that one!

I love lashes, so when I find a deal I take advantage. I got three pairs of these Kiss lashes for only $6. I use the Kiss glue on nails, so I had a good feeling the lashes would work out well too. The packaging has diagrams that emphasize the tapered ends of each lash, compared to the blunted ends of a lot of other brands. These might just be my new favorite lashes because of how natural they look. That tapered end really makes a difference. The band on these is comfortable, and they come in lots of different styles.


The next few items were bought at (Ulta) a different location than the larger part of the haul items. I bought the Ardell lashes because that was usually my go-to lash brand and I just wanted to replenish my supply. I’m not sure what it was about this natural demi lashes that I didn’t like. Maybe it was that they seemed unusually short for my eyes, so it made my eyes look a little odd. I’ll buy Ardell lashes again, just not this style. I tend to be more fond of lashes that are more of the same length rather than much longer on the outer edge. I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m shopping for lash styles.

I had been squeezing the last few drops out of my BB cream, and wanted to try a different brand. I won’t be buying the Wet n’ Wild BB cream again. I prefer the NYX one over the other because it doesn’t take a long time to dry, and doesn’t have a weird smell. It also kept my face from looking oily at the end of the day. This BB cream has amazingly good coverage and skin perfecting qualities for a BB cream. I’d buy this again.

I bought this NYX lip pencil for my lighter lip colors and I found it even works great under gloss for some definition of the shape of my lips because it’s only a tiny bit darker than my natural lip color. I used it for a few days, so I got a great idea of what this product is like, but sadly I seem to have lost it already. I will repurchase the NYX lip liners because it just worked so well and had good staying power.

This haul didn’t turn out bad at all, and the good thing about trying affordable products like this is that if they don’t work out, you only lose out on about three dollars or so. Much better than purchasing a $30 mascara and then hating it! Also, I give you reviews in the hopes that it helps you from buying products that probably won’t work. At the same time, what I hated might work really well for you, so if you like a formula that I didn’t, thats great. We just have different tastes!

I have a couple of exciting things coming up for you. I have my little collection of NO’s that I felt would make this post too long, and having them separate makes it easier for you to skip them if you want! I also have my Ipsy bag products to review, which will be exciting. I only got a quick glance into the bag when it arrived yesterday. I also joined Influenster, which will send you products to review if they feel you’d be a good candidate to do so. I received my box just a few minutes ago! I can’t wait to show you what’s in it.

I still haven’t gotten any questions for my Q & A post, so I’ll leave that off until I gather a few that warrant a post dedicated to them. You can add them below any of my blog posts, find me on Bloglovin’, ask me on Twitter, or send me an email via my Contact Me page! I’d love to share a little about me if you’re interested, so give it a thought, please.

Thank you, as always for reading,


Love Feliz

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