My Ultimate Face Skincare Product Trifecta

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I hope you enjoyed my previous post which detailed some reviews of the best, worst, and so-so products from June. I had fun writing that, so hopefully you got a little something out of it too.

I recently found three skincare products that have changed my skin so much, I absolutely cannot keep them to myself. I won’t go too much into what I used to use, but I tried almost every scrub, cleanser, and lotion that the drugstore had to offer. I had been using Neutrogena’s Blackhead Eliminating daily scrub, and my oatmeal body lotion (I know, I know) on my face, but I still struggled with some issues. I was so discouraged and frustrated by the time I found these products, I feel like I’ve found my face holy trinity.

I’ll start off with a little bit of what type of skin concerns I have. I’m almost 26 years old, and despite people dismissing concerns of aging skin at my age, I have started to notice fine lines around my eyes and mouth as well as tiny, light but tiny age spots/sun spots/liver spots. Since I don’t spend much time in the sun because it makes me sick, I know that it’s probably a result of the medications I’m on. *sigh*. My pores clog incredibly easily, so if I don’t remove my makeup and wash my face before accidentally falling asleep for the night even just once, I’ll start to notice inflamed/clogged pores and blackheads developing. I also have large pore issues and redness around my nose and on my chin.


In May’s Ipsy bag, I received the Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator, and was immediately impressed just with the information on the label. This scrub is 99% natural, vegan, paraben and sulfate free. I don’t know too much about skincare ingredients and their function, but I know sulfates do not belong anywhere near your skin. Especially your face! The product hardly has a scent, but it’s a light and fresh one. Upon first use I was so excited because the microderm crystals gave me an amazing exfoliation, but my face wasn’t left feeling stripped. I only needed a third of the product to achieve twice the exfoliating power of the Neutrogena scrub.After drying my face, I noticed no tightness (which seemed to be a daily problem), my skin felt smoother, and it appeared to have mostly removed all of my nose blackheads.

It seemed too good to be true but it really isn’t. Since the crystals are so finely milled, they slough of all of the dead skin and material clogging your pores to allow all of the other natural ingredients like papaya and coconut to work their magic. I read some reviews in a couple of places, but found the only complaint to be that since the crystals are so fine, the scrub isn’t ideal for a daily cleanser for people with more sensitive skin. The Vasanti website claims the product provides the same effects as a professional microdermabrasion treatment. Although I’ve never received one of those treatments myself, I’ve noticed no blackheads or clogged pores, a brighter complexion, and an overall improvement on the texture of my face since I started using it nightly. I have already ordered the larger size! At $34, I would have cringed before, but I feel the price is totally worth it. I also know it’ll last me a long time, and last even longer for people that don’t require nightly use of a powerful exfoliator. Plus, with the offer code from Ipsy (Ipster30), I received $10.20 off the price!

After cleansing my face with Vasanti’s product, I use Tucker Ashley’s perfecting moisturizer. I received this little gem way back in November 2015’s Ipsy glam bag. this 1oz bottle lasted me until the end of March (I believe)! I only need a dime-sized amount to moisturize my whole face. As a fragrance-free moisturizer, there is only a very faint scent that disappears entirely as soon as the product soaks in. The moisturizer completely absorbs into my exfoliated skin immediately, and leaves it feeling still clean but totally soft. I experience no oiliness (as it contains no oil!) and no dryness after my nighttime use, nor my morning use. I also feel like it gives me almost the same effect on my skin as a primer, which is where I suspect the “perfecting” comes in. Your skin’s sebum (the oil it secretes) provides a barrier against moisture loss as well as a barrier against the outside world (dirt, pollution, etc.). This moisturizer claims to improve these barriers, so people with all skin types would benefit from this. Looking at the ingredient list, there are indeed substances that mimic your skin’s natural barriers!

The perfecting moisturizer is listed at $19.95 on Tucker Ashley’s website, but I think I found my 3oz tube on Amazon for closer to $16. Again, with this pricetag I definitely would have thought it was too expensive before. Now that I know how long this bottle will last me, and how much I love it, $16-$19 is a great price.


(photo not mine)

My final little holy grail has become kind of a go-to for a lot of things. I needed something to cleanse my face in the morning that is gentle, but washes away some of the extra oil that my face produces over night. I tried gel cleansers, facial bars, all kinds of stuff that I didn’t like before I bought this Bioré charcoal bar.

Not expecting anything too great, I started using the soap and got so much more than I imagined from it. Since I keep this bar at my sink, it was easy to reach for anytime I needed something. Initially of course I only used it for my face. It washed away the night’s oil from my face while not drying out my skin. But I then started to use it to wash makeup from my hands after swatching or applying it. It quickly and easily removes those occasional leaks on fabric during my period, and blood I’ve gotten on fabric from cuts.

Finally, I think my favorite function I’ve found from this little miracle bar is cleaning stubborn makeup from my makeup brushes! I bought some generic makeup brush cleaner a while back, and was frustrated with how long it took to remove things like concealer and foundation from deep in the bristles. I remember thinking since it cleans makeup from the skin on my hands, why not off my brushes? It’s so gentle on my skin so it seems safe for my brushes as well, and it leaves no fragrance on them, which I like. With charcoal powder and peppermint oil, the fragrance of the soap itself is really light and fresh, but goes away after rinsing. At anywhere from $3-$7 depending on where you shop, this little bar is worth your dollars. I don’t remember when I purchased this, but it’s been months and I still have about a two-inch chunk left.

The final cleansing product I use are micellar makeup removing wipes before using the Vasanti scrub, but since I feel like micellar water is such an interesting topic I may do a post dedicated to it completely.

What other topics should I cover in my blog? Have you tried any micellar products, or any of the products I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments because I can’t wait to hear about it!

Also, don’t forget to tweet, DM, comment below, or use my contact page for questions you’d like me to answer about myself in a future About Me/Q&A blog post!

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Love you!



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